Staying up-to-date on web design trends is crucial when it comes to the success of your website. In fact, there are a lot of industry changes coming up in 2019 in terms of popularity, updates, and best practices. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to take some time in today’s blog to highlight some important industry trends for the upcoming year that will make a major impact in the world of web design. That way you can know what opportunities you want to incorporate to grab user attention and keep visitors on your website longer when designing your next website.

2019 Web Design Trends

Rotating Animations

An ultimate web design feature that will be trending in 2019 is rotating animations that engage users and keep them coming back to your website. Rotating animations capture the curiosity of users because every time they refresh your website, they will see new, innovative videos you’ve created for your homepage. Rotating animations can also include the rotation of titles and call-to-actions.

Non-Traditional Scrolling

More and more, people are incorporating different scrolling techniques to boost user experience. Instead of a traditional vertical scroll, different websites use a horizontal scroll at the top of a website to provide important facts about a business while grabbing the attention of visitors. Even more, non-traditional scrolling can be focused on different parts of a website to boost user navigation.

User Interactivity

User interactivity has become a trending web design feature that continues to rise in popularity. In fact, users typically spend more time on pages of responsive websites that utilize user interactivity than those that don’t. Interactive features can include personalized cursor icons that users use to interact with different areas on your website, maps that users can click on, animations that change as a user scrolls, hidden content that users are encouraged to click on, and more. This use of web design not only showcases the visual design of a website, but it also increases the time spent on your website while boosting brand awareness.

Scroll-Triggered Animations

Another interesting web design trend for 2019 is scroll animations. This type of web design feature not only showcases the visual design of a website, but it also increases time spent on a page while boosting overall user engagement. A good example of scroll-triggered animations is a website that encourages users to scroll or click through the layout of a page to see different services a business provides. As long as the scroll-triggered animations don’t confuse a user, this professional web design trend can be a great way to boost conversions.

Detailed Footers

Traditionally, the footer area of a website includes basic contact information or a sign-up form. However, over the years, detailed footers that include different elements such as industry forecasts, events, and more have grown in popularity. These elements further engage users while making the footer more inclusive to the overall web design.

Professional Web Design

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