4 Things You Can Do to Attract More Business

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4 Things You Can Do to Attract More Business

In today’s competitive climate of business owners fighting tooth and nail for new customers, a business owner wears many hats and juggles hundreds of tasks each week. Sometimes when running the day to day operations, you can forget some of the key elements that will play an important factor in attracting new clients. Below we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top 4 things you can do today to be prepared for more business, and attract more clients.

  1. Keep your website updated

You guessed it, pretty obvious, right? Your website is arguably one of your highest business assets, as it has the potential to be selling your services, portraying trust and helping potential leads make a decision all on its own. The problem is, most business owners don’t have the time, knowledge or interest in keeping their website up to date, so what ends up happening is your image starts becoming “crusty.”

A few tasks to keep your site updated include:


  • Try and get in the habit of adding a blog post at least once a month. Nothing says “I’m out of date” like coming to someone’s website and seeing that their latest blog posts was from 2 years ago. Keeping up with blogging will not only help keep your website relevant and help with SEO, it will also send a clear signal to your potential clients that you are up to date, staying relevant in your market, and care about providing useful and free advice to those who are browsing.
  • Audit your current “call to action” situation and adjust accordingly. Look at your site as a whole and determine if people can contact you easily. Are phone numbers visible? How about contact/quote form buttons, clickable emails, etc? – Display pictures of your staff and team. A website needs to advertise trust for any potential customer, and most customers prefer to see who they’ll potentially be working with. This adds an element of “human” to your site, and headshots are a great way for people to make first impressions, often time resulting in setting up a meeting, requesting a quote, etc.
  • Add an intro video to your website. Along with great headshots, video is arguably the most effective marketing piece on any website, due to the fact that most people don’t like reading anymore, so anything they can learn by watching a video, will be extremely effective. – Be sure your website loads fast. Remember that 90% of your viewers will be viewing your website on their mobile devices before a desktop in 2021. That’s a huge number. Therefore, assuring that your website loads in 1-2 seconds is key. Site speed can come down to the website itself, the way it was coded, the assets you have loaded on each page, but it can also have a lot to do with the actual server. Server speed accounts for a huge part of website load speed, and choosing the right web hosting company can make all the difference in the world.
  1. Answer your phone

Another obvious tip is answering your sales line. If you’re in a meeting or away from the office, be sure that there is always someone available to take the calls if you can’t. Many customers are “window shoppers,” meaning if they find 3-4 likely companies they are willing to call, they will simply go door to door until they find the one that actually answers their phone. Often times, that one phone call can seal the deal or at least prompt a discussion that leads to a consultation, etc. Bottom line, always try and have a backup to answer your calls when you’re away from the phone.

  1. Be willing to evolve

Companies often find that when they offer their core services or products, and are good at it, that there’s no need to pivot and adjust. The problem with that, is the market continues to change. Customers’ needs change and it’s our job as business owners to be able to serve them throughout those industry changes. Whether this means bringing on a new service that relates to your core offerings, or adding an “add-on” accessory to sell along with your main product, the market continues to twist and turn, and its our job to make sure we’re seeing those changes in real-time and adjusting accordingly.

  1. Treat every customer like royalty

This goes without saying, but every client of yours is incredibly valuable. Be sure to give every client the best service and attention they deserve, as if they were your only one. This can be hard, especially as you grow a company to a large size, so be sure to build in extra support as your business size increases. Whether that’s a dedicated employee who is hired to keep client relations at their highest.


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