Are you setting up your online store? Do you need a few tips on how to improve it and make sure you maximize each channel?

  1. Great Logo
    Like any business, e-commerce or not, be sure to have a very clear and strong logo  that customers will easily be able to remember when they think of you business , product and site. Also, historically speaking, the simpler the design and font type, the bigger the brand.
  2. Cut Your Customers a Deal, or Perceived Deal
    There are many ways you can list a price for your product. Whether you run a weekly/monthly sale, offer discounts through a mailing list, or whatever it is, offer an incentive to your customers a deal and reason for them to pick your business.
    A good and easy way to do this is by offering flat-rate shipping, or including it for free all together. If you have the margin to bend, use it as it can very likely boost your sales.
  3. Include A “Newest and Best Products” section on your site.
    For the door to door shopper, these areas on your site will be a great for them. Whether you list heavy-priced items or small accessories, these sections help customers know what are hot sellers. Even better, make sure each product is optimized for customer reviews.
  4. Sub-Categorize and Brand Your Products
    If your e-commerce store is offering more than 1-5 items and you have enough products to create sub-categories, be sure to take advantage of branding them. Offer packages that differ from one another clearly listing the benefit of each package.
    It has been proven that providing multiple buying choices for customers lead to a sale often more than offering only one choice, flavor, size, quantity, etc.
  5. Shopping Cart & Search
    Yes, your e-commerce site should include a shopping cart, I know shocking.
    However, when we say add a shopping cart, we mean add a good and easy to use experience for your customers. There are very many shopping cart options available. Choosing one that customers can easily navigate to and from is key.
  6. Search bars are essential for e-commerce sites, especially those that have hundreds of products. Imagine the headache customers would have to experience by going from category to category until they finally land on their product.
  7. Contact Information
    If you are equipped to handle phone calls, then having your contact phone number big and visible is excellent for gaining online trust with your customers. The last thing they want to do is buy from an online store that cannot be reached for order updates, customer support issues, etc.
  8. Payment Security Trust
    When choosing a shopping cart solution, make sure that it is SSL encrypted, which protects your customer’s payment information securely while being traveling through your shopping cart to your payment gateway. Be sure to include any logo or link that your shopping cart provider provides to you that will help you gain trust as a safe online store. If you offer Paypal, be sure to include a Paypal certified logo as well.In the end, the more trust you can build with your online store, the better the chance your products will sell. In addition to having your products efficiently marketed online, prices, and many more elements, these are some great starting points to consider when starting up your first e-commerce store.

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