Happy (Almost) End of 2020! 

I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that this year has been anything but a “normal” year on many levels, and our excitement for a new year (and hopefully less eventful) can’t be any greater. 

With that being said, with as many obstacles 2020 threw our way, we had another really great year of growth and continual success. Thanks to our clients, our dedicated team who grinds away daily to ensure that our projects are completed on time, we had another year of record growth all-around. 

2020 was a strange year for normal communication, with our team working remote for most of it, and with client meetings done via Zoom rather than in person. Aside from those adjustments, we were very fortunate to be able to carry on business as usual. Instead of quarterly team building events, we turned to Zoom and team lunches to catch up on everything. 

Thrive also added a new member to our team this year, Richard, who is a web developer and programmer helping assist the builds of our larger projects, and he’s a great addition! 

Aside from all the business news, we sincerely hope you have a successful, safe and healthy year to come, and we’ll continue on supporting our clients for another year ahead!

~ Team Thrive