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Since 2015, we’ve been working with clients with their website accessibility needs, from government and universities to large enterprises, nonprofits, and small businesses.


ADA Compliance is complicated. Thrive can help.

While ADA compliance is a complicated topic, making your website doesn’t have to be. We have an automated solution through AccessiBe that uses AI to make and keep your site ADA compliant. After we install it on your site, it’s all automated and you don’t have to worry about it. Contact us today to get started with AccessiBe (generally $450/year) or if you have accessibility questions.

Due to contractual terms, we can’t list all of the organizations that we’ve worked with for ADA compliance here but we can say that our list contains a state government, a university, a Fortune 500 company, and many others.

What does ADA Compliance actually mean for your business and your website?

Unless you specifically paid for your site to be ADA compliant by either a plugin or paid a provider, your website is most likely not accessible, meaning that it’s a challenge for someone with disabilities to use, especially the blind population. Depending on when and how your website was made, it could be completely unusable to them, which is why ADA compliance is important. Even though you may have just heard about this, it is still your responsibility to make sure your website is accessible to all internet users, which in some cases can keep you legally safe from potential lawsuits.

That’s where Thrive comes in. We know you want to be proactive and you want your company to grow and serve all your customers. We also know you want to avoid the risk of a possible lawsuit for not being in compliance with these rules. Contact us through the form above!

The team at Thrive Web Designs has been providing accessibility services since 2015, and has a proven track record of working with state and county governments, universities, and nonprofits.

Following the web content accessibility (WCAG) guidelines, we can provide all of the accessibility services you need.

We provide the following website accessibility services:

ADA Compliance & Website Accessibility

Articles About ADA Compliance

Accessibility Services

Thrive Web Designs is proud to offer accessibility services for website ADA compliance and for Section 508 compliance. We take the approach that websites should be fully accessible for those with visual impairments, not just complying with the law (although that’s included).

Contact us today whether you need a website ADA compliance audit, making your website compliant, or a full redesign. We have the expertise and resources you need.