Affordable Web Design: What Makes A Great Website in 2018?

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Affordable Web Design: What Makes A Great Website in 2018?

There’s a big difference between a great website and a mediocre one. However, if you ask someone what makes that difference, they’ll most likely struggle to give you an answer. That’s because most people don’t know exactly what it is that they like about a website. They just know that they like it. That kind of feedback can be difficult to go by if you are thinking about creating a new website or redesigning a current one.

If you need help understanding what makes or breaks a website below are some important factors to consider.  

What Makes A Great Website?

A great website is human-centered. Not only are they intuitive and easy to use, they are tailored for their users. This means that anyone who lands on your website will know how to use it to find exactly what they are looking for. As the primary point of contact between you and your customers, an affordable web design should capitalize this connection by making sure users have an enjoyable experience.

Common Website Problems:

  • Consistency & Navigation – A website should be consistent and easy to navigate.  
  • Readability – If your text can’t be read then your content is literally useless.  
  • No Emotion – Bad design elements will reflect how your user feels about your company.

Understand Your Audience

You can’t connect with your intended audience without having a clear understanding of who they are. Google Analytics and social media are great places to research your customers. Keep in mind that many social media platforms have insight tools that will help gather some detailed information about who your band is interacting with online. This information can include everything from the age of your customers to where they live and what interests they have. Google Analytics can also help provide you with information about what kind of people are visiting your page if you already have an existing website.

Focus on Usability

Next, it’s important to make sure your website is easy to use. No matter how well you think you know your audience, you can’t expect to connect with them if your website is hard to navigate. As we mentioned earlier, your website needs to be intuitive. Anyone who lands on it should immediately know how to use the various functions you offer (menus, links, contact page, etc.). By making sure your pages are fluent and easy to read without any broken links users will enjoy visiting your website.

Keep It Interesting

Last but not least, a great website needs to be interesting. Users need plenty of reasons to visit and interact with your website. Think about design elements you need to incorporate like color schemes, style and most importantly, content. The content on your website must be engaging. If it’s not, you’ll simply bore your users by not providing them with anything new or exciting. Finally, make sure all your content is easy to read and organized in relevant categories.

Bottom Line

A great website design is integral for the success of your business. If a website is unattractive or hard to use, users will quickly navigate to the next one. That’s why it’s important to provide them with a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Quality design leads to higher company awareness and perception. By improving your website design, you will not only give your business a boost but open new horizons for substantial growth.   

If you would like more information about the affordable web design options we offer, contact Thrive Web Designs at (208) 391-2504.


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