An SEO Case Study for Randall Pool Co.

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An SEO Case Study for Randall Pool Co.

Strategy + Experience + Accountability = Results.

In the world of web development and online marketing, the “unknown” for a new client can be scary waters to tread. Our job as professionals, is to ensure them that our years of real-life experience and proven results can help ease the stress they may experience; as well as plant a seed of trust that they’ve gone the right direction for their online marketing/SEO needs.

This case study is for our client, Randall Pool Company who we brought on in January of 2019.

Jon Randall has been a pool contractor and builder for over 15 years, but up until this point, was mainly contracting pool jobs from other larger companies. Based off a local recommendation, Jon contacted us regarding a professional website and SEO. We were quick to put a plan together and give him realistic expectations within the first year for his website.

Traditionally speaking, the 1st year of a website’s life, specifically the domain name, Google looks at your domain as an infant, as they have no idea who you are, you have no credibility to your domain. Google refers to this as domain authority, and the older your domain becomes, the more authority it will acquire…

Long story short, we told Jon that we don’t expect to see top placement on Google for a good 9-12 months, as this is the average incubation period for new websites.

What we did recommend, was us developing a site that was very laser-focused on the specific types of services he offered, making the site focus on the “niche” part of the pool building industry and local market online.

Randall Pool Co. primarily builds concrete/shotcrete pools. This means pools made from fiberglass or other materials are ones they don’t focus on. Our game plan included developing an easy to navigate and modern looking website, with 15-20 pages of content that teaches the potential customer everything they need to know if they were to higher Randall Pool Co. More importantly, this content drills down on every important keyword surrounding concrete and shotcrete pools.

So where are we at today?

After going live with Randall Pool Co’s website, we saw some pretty impressive results for such a young site.

For just 9 months as a BRAND new website live on Google, their current rankings look like this:

“Boise Shotcrete Pool Builder” – #1 on Page 1 of Google

“Boise Pool Builders” – #3 on Page 1 of Google

“Boise Shotcrete Pools” – #3 on Page 1 of Google

….And related searches all hover between #3 and #1…

This case study shows us that based on the competitive landscape of a specific industry, mixed with proven technique to drive results, newer websites can advance to the upper end of Page 1 of Google on occasion. If you have the right game plan set in place, this can equal huge return for your business.

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Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger

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