Our Web Design Team Explains The Elements in Creating a High-Usability Website

With about hundreds of different ways to create a website these days, keeping the focus on usability is essential. Thrive Web Designs is a Boise web design firm who focuses on creating modern and visually creative websites. Usability is something we focus on heavily with each site we design and develop. Our Boise web design portfolio features our current sites that all keep a high level of usability in mind.

So what is usability and why is it one of the most important factors in creating a website?

Usability is simply the element ina website that measures the ease for clients and customers to navigate your website properly, find the information they need in the shortest time possible, be able to effectively view your website on a plethora of devices and screens, as well as reach their end result, or your call of action for the website.

Usability basics include some of the following features:

  1. Making sure that each main page is viewable and includes some type of navigation bar, menu, side-menu, etc. The menu should feature the most popular pages, or highest in priority.
  2. Call to action – A call to action is the element on your page that drives a visitor towards an objective. For instance, if your call to action is for your customer to contact you through a contact form, the higher up on your page that you can include a contact form, phone number or email, the better. Since most online viewers have an attention span around a few seconds, it’s important to find out what they are after and then build the website around those needs.
  3. Content – Time and time again, you see website with either two things. 1. Too little content, or 2. Too much content.… Lets explain.

    Too little content usually consists of pages that have a few sentence of information and that’s it. This doesn’t convince the visitor that you are providing enough value to your page, therefore don’t be afraid to elaborate on what you offer, why it is the best, your experience within your field, etc. Once you get writing, you’ll soon learn that it really isn’t difficult to elaborate on your business.

    On the other side, you have the sites, mainly older ones, that have way too much content. These sites are just over-whelming to the point that nobody will want to sift through a 15,000 word page. So to play it safe, be sure to keep a good and healthy amount of content on a page without scaring your visitors away.

  4. Design – Lets face it. People care about your website design and it speaking clearly. Most viewers can tell the difference between a modern and clean website versus one that’s outdated and visually unappealing. Visit our web design proposal to view our Boise web design work and sample our modern design styles.

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