Template-Based Sites:

Template-based websites are websites that are usually hosted for free, or very little through a company. Template-based sites let you edit each page which resembles a word document. All the formatting and layout is figured out for you, making it easier to slap up a quick and easy site much faster. Though the process is simpler, that doesn’t mean your website or online presence is. First off, any template-based website almost never allows the user to access important html code, which where most of the search engine optimization technique happens. Many design firms will use templates that they build, which can arguably save time setting up, and more importantly, maintaining without the help of a web designer.

WordPress is a very popular template-based site and CMS, or content management system, which is widely used not only among customers, but as a base for web development firms. Web firms will use wordpress as their backbone, and then alter the CSS and PHP to customize each site. This saves them time as the frameworks are already in place.

So why does it cost more to have a custom-designed website built rather than a template-based website?

It’s the same reason it usually costs less to work on your own car, rather than taking it to the car dealership to get fixed. You’re paying for somebody’s expertise and talent in order to get the job done efficiently and most effectively for your business needs. When you hire a web designer, you’re hiring an expert who knows the ups and downs, and constant changes that the industry brings. He/she is fluent with the language websites are comprised of, and most web designers do, or should have a strong grasp on search engine optimization, which is the art of getting your website ranked high on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Another huge advantage of hiring a custom web designer, is that they are able to customize the look and feel of your website much more in depth compared with a website template that may give you a few color combinations or theme changes. Since custom designers build everything from scratch, you’ll notice more elaborate designs and intuitive layouts to be the norm from most designers.

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