How important is a logo with your website?

Can I use my existing logo, or do you require a newly designed one with each website you build?

When any business, organization, individual, sports team, or any other type of organized entity decides to go public with their image, a logo is always the first thing people look at, remember, and associate your brand with. There are too many examples to bring forward, but think of any major brand of fast food, electronics, sports team, or car manufacturer. If I were to say McDonald’s, most likely the first thing that would pop into your head would be the golden arches, which is the trademarked logo of McDonald’s for more than half a century.

Logos are designed to portray a feeling, motivate you to buy, or instill confidence in you, the customer. This is why having a strong and prominent logo is the key ingredient to a successful look and feel for a website. Many times, clients will come to us with a pre-designed layout that is either outdated, or cheaply made. Our job is to encourage the client to at least consider a revamped logo, as this will always add a sense of fresh and professional style to a beautiful new website design.

Your logo is something that you will very likely include on all of your marketing material, including your website. Therefore, you’ll want to brainstorm what colors you like, dislike, what you want the focus of the logo to be, how large to make the fonts, and what type of fonts to use, what message you are trying to relay to your customers, etc.

Having an under-performing or over-bearing logo can hurt your business identity too, which you certainly should stray away from. All in all, think of a logo as the first step you’ll take in developing a marketing image. Some people call it brand identity, others call it logo design. We call it “the necessity to any good website.”

In the end, we never force our clients to have a new logo built, as it is always up to them to keep the current logo they have, or scrap it for a new one. If you decide to use your existing logo, be sure to include a digital copy of the file so that we have the ability to customize it into your new website.

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