Deciding what price to pay for a website can be a daunting task. Sometimes it’s as easy as putting a limit on your budget and sticking to it. But when so many factors contribute to the cost of designing a custom website, it’s a good idea to know what those elements are and how to plan for them accordingly. Below are the main elements of any website design project, as well as a detailed explanation of  each.

Although a logo design is technically not part of the actual website design and development, logo design plays a very significant role in the visual aspects of any website. In fact, studies show that a person’s eyes will naturally gravitate towards the logo first on a website, because it acts as the main trademark or brand to the rest of the site. Logo design can vary in price based on designer and what type of packages that they offer. Our logo design is very affordable and fair. In fact, it’s so fair that we include 6 logo proofs for you to review before we make final edits to the chosen one.

Logo Design: $200.00, for up to 6 proofs, Unlimited revisions to the chosen design.

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The actual website design and development will be the bulk of the cost. This process will include us designing a website layout based on your feedback and preferences, us turning that layout into a live site by coding HTML and CSS to make each page function. This also includes any enhancements to the visual layout and functionality including custom contact forms, e-commerce shopping cart setup, slide-shows, galleries, and the list goes on. Since the cost of a website will largely vary, it is bets to get a custom web design quote based on your exact website needs.

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Web Hosting is essential for any website to be seen online. Without a place to host your website, it simply cannot be visible to anyone. There are thousands of web hosting options and companies to go with. Most clients and customers will feel most comfortable choosing a web hosting company who is already in charge of designing and maintaining their website. Most of the time web hosting pricing is very comparable, so we recommend choosing a trusted company to handle your hosting needs. Hosting deals with your domain name, email accounts, etc.

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Website maintenance is usually offered by your web design company, and often times the company will have a “edit your own website” program for you. Usually this is the case if you are using WordPress or any other CMS related website systems.

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Having a website built does cost money, so the investment should justify the end result.

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