When working with Thrive on a new website, we believe in creating a road map for the entire web design process. After signing all agreements and documents, next we determine the best game plan on executing a website design.

Once we create a custom website layout for our client’s approval, we will ask them to review the design and add any feedback on things we can improve on or change. Once they are 100% satisfied with the looks and feel of the site, we are ready to move on to the the content portion of the website. Up until now, your website was merely an image drawn out as a visual. When we build out the actual web pages, we will take into affect how and where content will fit within each page.

Gathering and Submitting Content:

During this process, we will ask our clients to provide us with all of the content they would like for their website. Since this can be a large task for some, we always offer additional resources to help with content creation, although most clients will feel it’s necessary to write their own. After content is provided, we will implement it into all of the web pages, as well as help with keyword targeting within paragraphs. This helps with search engine optimization.

When writing/typing content out for your website, keep in mind that content is arguably the most important piece of any website’s marketing. Since search engines rank websites by crawling the content on each page to determine relevancy and keywords, having good, relevant content is very important. If we feel that the content you submit can be improved, we’ll happily provide you with some suggestions to better your marketability for the site.

In order to submit content effectively and efficiently, we recommend doing the following:

  • Send over all of the content for each page at once.. Many times, multiple emails can become confusing and occasionally get lost.
  • Make sure your content is very detailed and is titled so we know which page to put certain content on.
  • A word document or email is great for sending content over. If at all possible, avoid sending an excel sheet, since extracting text can be more timely.

Contact us if you have any questions about generating content for your website, or to get a free web design quote!