Yes. Our clients own rights to their website.

Depending on which web design company you work with, you will find all of them to have different rules when dealing with website ownership, fees associated with early termination, transferring, among other topics related to website ownership.

When you work with Thrive Web Designs, we give our clients 100% ownership of the website following the final payment received for web development. This means for whatever reason our client decides to take his/her site down, transfer it to another hosting company, or dissolve the business relationship entirely, we give full control to the client.

Often times, you may find certain web design firms charging certain fees for early contract termination, or tasks as simple as transferring a domain name. Although many of these fees are illegitimate, if you’re signed into a contract, be sure you know all the facts before diving in.

We do ask for permission to keep a small link on the bottom of your website which will link to our main site. This is designed for marketing purposes so potential clients are able to trace back the designer of the website he/she is on. This is not mandatory and at the complete discretion of the client. Some companies choose to keep all copyright or website tags off the site.

Domain name transfers and change of hosting: If you are switching hosting providers, we will provide you with the necessary information and pass-codes to do so. Although we are confident in our hosting and competitive pricing and features, we fully understand and respect our client’s choice.

For more information about website ownership, and issues pertaining to copyrights, contact us.