How long does it take to have a fully-custom website designed and developed for my business?

Building a custom-built website from the bottom up will take some time and thought to implement. Since every project is different in size, specifications, requirements, the timeline can vary. For example, a 5-10 page catalogue-based website with simple content, pictures, a contact form and similar pages usually take between 4-6 weeks to reach completion. On the other hand, if the website is an e-commerce site that includes much more in-depth time setting up a shopping cart, implementing all of the products, and building out product pages, you could easily be looking at 6-8 weeks to implement a finished project.

Timeline and Procedure:

The first step to every website project we are a part of, includes the client finding examples of websites he/she likes. From those examples, we base our initial design layout. The layout portion of the site is a mere visual representation of how the website will look. We will submit a .jpg image of the site to gain the clients approval and hear their feedback and request for changes. Once the layout is fully approved by our client, we can start the web development.


Next we build the website pages and framework which will hold content for each page. During this time, we ask the client to provide us content they want on their website. Depending on the speed of receiving content from the client, this will play an important role in how long the project takes. Since each section of the project is broken into segments, each segment relies on the next in order for us to reach our 4-6 week ballpark.

Final Steps and Client Approval:

Once all website pages are filled in with appropriate content, images and other media, the website will go live for private viewing for our client. At this point, we will work through final revisions that the client requests before launching the site live for the online world to see.

As a whole, we can finish most projects within 4-6 weeks, though certain scenarios will allow for us to finish as soon as 2-3 weeks.

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