Back to Basics: Website Contact Information

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Back to Basics: Website Contact Information

When building your own website or hiring a professional to do the job for you, there are many necessities to providing your viewers with a professional looking website.
Not just the design, but the usability of your website is extremely important in being effective to your potential customers. In other words, there are a few basics of website design that every site (unless proven otherwise) should have.

In this post, I will explain a very simple and obvious one. Contact Information.

Every website should provide a very easy navigation experience for your clients so that they can find a point of contact for your company within seconds.

The most common ways to achieve this is to include, at bare minimum, your company phone number up top.

Some e-commerce companies purposely hide the contact phone number and make their customers dig for it, while others make their number very visible to everyone.
Although every business has their reason for including or not including a phone number, but for the most part, you will dramatically up your chances of converting a sales lead into a client with this quick and basic tip.

Also, be sure that the phone number is an actual number, not a graphic of a number. Yes, this is a very old web design element, but you’d be surprised how many times you’ll still find these on older sites.

Actual numbers are clickable, so your customers can click on your phone # on their smartphone to prompt a call.

As well as the phone number is concerned, links or buttons for chat, email and your physical address (f you have a storefront) are all great elements to include somewhere noticeable on your website, usually up top.

Check back soon for our next Back to Basics website tip!

Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger

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