We’ve been saying it for years, and in 2021 it still rings true, that dynamic content still plays a huge role in the success of your website’s SEO and overall strategy. Google has rolled out a “broad” algorithm update this summer, which takes another deep dive at analyzing dynamic content on your website. What do Read More »

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Want to update your current WordPress website with important information about your business?  If you want to make sure your website accurately reflects your offerings at all times, you’ll need to update it periodically. This is true for businesses of all sizes who want to attract and keep their customers informed. At Thrive Web Designs, Read More »

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Mobile has changed the way our world functions. It affects every aspect of our lives. For most people, a phone or tablet is the first thing they check in the morning and the last thing they view at night before going to bed. That’s why it would be an understatement to say it’s important for Read More »

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No one could have predicted all the past year’s events and how they would impact our daily lives. One of the biggest shifts we had to get used to was working, learning, shopping, and even visiting a doctor online. What does this mean going forward? Well, if you own a business, keeping up with the Read More »

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Happy (Almost) End of 2020!  I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that this year has been anything but a “normal” year on many levels, and our excitement for a new year (and hopefully less eventful) can’t be any greater.  With that being said, with as many obstacles 2020 threw our way, we Read More »

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By now, you understand what accessibility for your website means, and that it is important for your business to ensure that your website is easily navigable by all users, including those using assistive technologies. Assistive technologies include screen readers, magnification software, text readers, speech input software, pointers, motion trackers, and more. Once we have committed Read More »

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A few times a year, we’ll get contacted by a new client who needs help migrating existing email accounts from their current provider due to numerous reasons. This could be anything from the provider going out of business, or the client discontinuing their existing contract, etc. Luckily, when you are working with Thrive, we go Read More »

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So, your business’s website needs to be brought up to ADA accessibility standards, and you have a rough idea of what that means, but what do you do next? The ADA has set forth a Title II Checklist for website accessibility. This is designed for use in conducting a preliminary assessment of the accessibility of Read More »

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With the growing number of accessibility lawsuits against websites, you may be wondering if your business is in danger of being sued for violations of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act). Are there strict legal requirements that your website must meet in order to be considered compliant? In the U.S., apart from federal, state, and Read More »

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You may have heard that in order for your website to be compatible under the law with the standards required by the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), that you must meet WCAG 2.0 Accessibility Standards. This is true! WCAG is the most widely adopted and comprehensive international technical standard for web content accessibility. Although it Read More »

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