Part of our Boise SEO services include local search and your digital footprint.

Local Search:

Local search listings are the ones you find on the top of a listing page next to the maps. Google has merged organic listings with local search, so part of our SEO strategy includes us setting up a local listing with Google, filling out the listings profile with a link to your site, your top keywords and categories, adding a logo, address, phone number, etc.

Local Citations:

Local citations are known as online business listing sites that allow you to input your company’s contact information including address, phone number, website, blog, etc.

Google heavily weighs your local search position based on how well your site has been optimized with local citation sites and directories.

Why Your Digital Footprint Matters

You may have heard this term “digital footprint” being used a lot over the past year or two and you may wonder what it is and why it matters. Your digital footprint goes much further than just getting your business listed on as many local listings/citation sites. Your footprint is the way Google views your business across the entire internet. Google is looking to serve the best experience and provide the most accurate information for users. Therefore, the biggest thing you can do is make sure that wherever your business is listed online, whether it’s your website, GMB profile (Google my Business), listing websites and directories and more, all information needs to match.

Your business name should appear the same everywhere. Same spelling, same everything. If Google finds your name is presented differently on different websites, this is a big deal, so always be sure use your name in the same way everywhere.

The same goes for your business information including your office address, phone number, email, website link, all of it matters. and it should all match.

Utilize All the Tools Google Provides

Google wants us as users to use their tools. This means that using your Google my Business profile to its potential is huge. Be sure you’re replying to all google reviews (good and bad), making sure your profile is filled out with all of your products and services listed.

Make sure that you are using the Google posts feature, which essentially is like a Facebook feed. You can highlight company updates, deals and offers, highlights and more. Google is paying attention to how much you are interacting with clients by using their tools, and you will be rewarded/penalized all based on your interactions or lack thereof.

Should I Focus on Other Search Engines?

It’s hard to believe that other search engines even exist, since Google holds 91% of the search market. This means that a very small amount of potential customers and clients are finding you on other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, etc. For this reason, we recommend focusing 98% of your time and effort into optimizing your website and entire digital footprint around Google, and you’ll be setup for success.

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