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Deciding to have a website for your business is essential to keeping up with today’s competition. Let’s face it, not many people use the Yellow Pages anymore but instead jump online to find the service they need. Having a website built is only the 1st step of a 2-step process. The 2nd, is getting your website optimized by a Boise SEO team so that search engines can successfully find you, as well as getting your site to the 1st page on Google.

Although important to have, a improperly optimized website can almost be as ineffective as not having one at all. Many times, when we launch a new website for our client, they will see optimal results with the Basic SEO package we offer with every new website development.

For those that are competing in a much more cut-throat market, our advanced SEO package can prove to drive results, and more importantly, higher rankings.


Our Premium SEO package offers the most comprehensive and constant tasks to help steadily increase your SEO rankings.

– URL Submission & Sitemap to Major Search Engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo

(Learn more about site submissions)

Much like our basic seo package, we will submit your website to all of the search engines appropriately, among using certain sites to help index your site faster. This includes us setting up a Google Webmasters and Analytics account, to properly submit sitemaps, track site results and updates.

– Local Search – Google Places – Business Listings – Citation Building (Read more about Citations)

Having a local business listing with Google can be very beneficial for both you the business owner, but for the potential customer. With local business listings, customers can write reviews of your business, helping you get new business prospects. Also, with Google Places, if a customer is looking for the nearest business in your market, your listing will be first on the list if you’re located the closest in proximity to your customer.

– Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Proper Page Titling

Each page of your website should be properly optimized using keywords, descriptions and titles that correspond with your business service and/or product. Each page of your site will properly accommodate these elements to ensure proper placement.

– Comprehensive Keyword and Key Phrase Analysis

Each page of your website will target 3 keyword search terms, and we will make sure your content includes these keywords the most effectively. Without proper keyword strategies, it is very difficult for a website to be crawled by the search engines and placed within decent rankings. This is a very important part of website rankings, maintaining and long-term growth.

– Monthly Website Analytics and Consulting to Review and Improve Rankings

Your website includes integration with Google Analytics, one of the most comprehensive and accurate ways to measure who, when and where your website traffic is coming from. We can setup weekly and/or monthly reviews to be emailed directly to you. Google Analytics also allows you to create”goals” which can be measured through special search metrics.

– Backlink Strategy, Content Creation (optional)

Backlinks are arguably one of the most important aspects of SEO. We will work with your website to obtain quality backlinks to help enhance your website rankings. This will be done in a few different fashions.

1. Reciprocal Link Exchange – Finding other businesses in your similar industry that are willing to trade backlinks.
2. Content submission to credible article sites, blogs, sites – including proper backlinks including targeted keywords. (Up to 4 per month)
3. Database and Directories – Submitting your website to multiple directories and databases to help boost traffic obtained through these influential sites.

– Content, Conversion and Technical Review

We will analyze every page of your website to ensure that all content is fitted with the proper keywords. This doesn’t include “keyword stuffing” or any other black-hat SEO techniques that are proven to be ineffective and detrimental in Google’s eyes. Instead, your content will easily flow while incorporating keywords effectively.

Continuous Monitoring and Re-Optimization of Web Pages

Part of our advanced SEO package includes the weekly monitoring and upkeep to analyze ongoing position, and improvements. Since Google and other search engines are constantly changing, we are required to keep up with these changes to stay competitive.

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