Melissa DeLuca is a Boise business and career coach with years of experience. Her new website features tons of information about the services she offers, includes video, and online booking functionality to schedule a session.

“I'm launching a new business and was a website 'rookie'! I knew the look, feel and tone of the site I wanted to create but beyond that I needed the expertise of the team at Thrive Web Designs. I found them through doing research. I interviewed several firms and honestly, I felt most comfortable with Josh and the team. They had a way of translating my 'vision' that felt both personal and professional. They outlined the work required in manageable steps and were very clear this was a 'partnership'. I had to provide the content, of course. I appreciated their review, input and guidance along the way. It truly was a collaboration. They went beyond the 'deliverables' by helping me find a videographer team, in 1890 Productions and a photographer, Snapshots by Jolene. I'll continue to work with them as my business grows. I highly recommend Thrive Web Designs.”

Melissa DeLuca

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