The new site we designed and developed for Intercarve is a simple, but modern presentation to help advertise their software development services they offer to their clients worldwide.

“Working with Josh, Aaron and their team has been phenomenal. Like Thrive, we are a digital agency and we actually chose to use Thrive for our public-facing marketing website rather than do it ourselves in-house, and it was a great decision. The cost was fair and predictable, but most important to us was that the process and its execution was exactly what we needed. We gave Josh the abstract requirement of building a site that made our company look like the way we see ourselves. We did not want the process turned upside down, in which the project would stall if we didn't tell him exactly what every page should look like and say. And he pulled it off. They handled all the creative aspects and within a few weeks we were online. Since then, they've been lightning-fast with doing updates and they always pick up the phone when we want to talk about ideas for the future. We have and will continue to refer clients to Thrive for the development of their public-facing marketing websites.”

Brian C.

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