The new site for MAG Medical Equipment showcases over 400 pieces of medical equipment they offer, as well as helps market their repair services for clients nationwide.

“I shopped around for a web design company and had meetings with a few before finally choosing Thrive. I was a little hesitant at first, given the price, and the "basic SEO package" - our first website was far cheaper and some competitors claim to offer a more in depth SEO package. That being said I don't regret my decision. I looked at the website build histories of Thrive vs. others - and I believe Thrive builds the most aesthetically pleasing websites in the area. No problem with their SEO package, customers found our website and more than paid for the cost within 45 days or so. Within months of launching, we were on page 1 of Google and ranked 4th in our space (previously un-ranked). Going through the website build was time consuming and a little frustrating at times - some communication issues (regarding duplicates, captions, verbiage, small details, and our emails). I don't put the full blame on Thrive, the build started when Covid first hit and we weren't able to have face to face meetings, something I feel is necessary for this type of project. Once everything was finalized, my whole team was happy with the final product. Happy with my decision - would make it again.”

Brian M.

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