The Most Comprehensive Guide for Creating Your “About” Page

The “about us” page on your website is traditionally created to serve a specific purpose to potential customers and clients. You may think that many of your visitors aren’t concerned about your team or who runs the company behind the scenes. However, more than ever before, your visitors are looking to get a sense of who you are, who does what, and why they should use you over the company in their other tabs.

Read below for some ways to make sure your “about” page is out of this park!

Let’s take a look at a few things that every “About” page should technically include:

  1. Contact InformationThis is the obvious one. If not posted everywhere else on your website, the about page should offer your customer with direct contact information to individuals within your company. Contact information can and should include things like your phone number, email address, maybe a Linkedin account, and other social media channels if relevant. Imagine being able to find out more about a specific person other than just your website. First make sure your employees are ok with giving out this information to your potential visitors. If they are not, help them add the information they would be ok with.

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  2. Explain Your Role in the CompanyIf your customers are trying to get a hold of the right person, then listing your role in the company is important for them to reach out accordingly.

    Employee Information







  3. Mission Statement and/or Company HistoryPotential customers want to know why they should choose you over the other guys. Let them know who you can be for them. This page is also a great place to explain your mission statement and company history.

    For non-profits: Think about potential visitors/investors/volunteers and what they are going to hear in your mission statement. For For-profits: What do you have that is special? What unique service or product do you offer?

    Products & Services

    However, be aware that there’s a fine line between boring and interesting when you’re including your company history & statement. So liven it up a little and make it interesting for everyone to read, instead of using only text, you could make a video to convey your message. Make it clear up front why customers should be coming back to your site. Do you offer products? Services? Advice? Free Money? Let them know what they’re here for. If someone has made it to your About page, they are looking for something more. Give it to them.

    About Page

  4. Focus on Your CustomersThis page should also help put focus on your company’s involvement with your customers. Tying in with your mission statement, be sure to focus on customer service and your dedication to your customers and clients instead of focusing the entire page on just you.

    An about page serves multiple purposes for customers to learn about you and your team, make it interesting and engaging and your company’s image will come across as up to date and fun.

    About Page Information

  5. Use Quality PhotosGood photography can make or break a customer’s experience on your blog or website. Adding quality photos are more interactive than low-resolution or even worse- those stale and bland stock photos. If you do not have access to any high resolution photos make this a priority! Often you can hire a low-cost photographer that is just starting out. Beware though- you often get what you pay for.

    Try your smartphone camera because newer models often can do the trick with some good lighting and colors.

    Quality photos also pertains the quality in the photo. In this picture of Brandon, you can see him with his family. You feel like you know him more without ever having met him!


    And if you for some reason you do not have high quality photos don’t leave your page blank. Adding your professional certifications and licenses can be just as helpful in communicating to a potential client who you are.


    Also consider if you have a larger team or not. Larger teams can be challenging to maintain consistency and continuity from picture to picture. If you can schedule a photo shoot with all of your employees that would be ideal. You may consider doing a more simple background so you can add pictures of different employees as needed and as you grow.

  6. Make it InternalYour About page is a prime opportunity to supply internal links to some of your most popular posts. Incorporate them smoothly using your own personality/Company personality and link it up.

    Ask your current employees to write content on their particular area of interest and post those as new pages within your site. Link to them from your employee page.

  7. Let Your Customers/Readers Get to Know You.The key here is to share the part of your story that’s relevant to your readers and relevant to the topic of your blog. Keep it short and simple but offer some tidbits of information through which your customers can connect with you.


Additional Tips:

  • Scout out your competition and see what they have on their website. How would you improve it? What would you add or take away? You just may be surprised how many of your competitors have very little or nothing on their site…
  • Don’t leave this section of your site static. Your company and people will change and evolve or time. From hiring new staff to additional licenses and skills, make sure you update this page from time to time. After all your customers are coming to get an up-to-date perspective of you, your team, and your company.


Remember that your “about us” page is your one opportunity to let your customers know what you are all about. Make it count because people are scouting you out more than ever in today’s increasing digital age.

We can help you create and design an “about us” page that fits the criteria listed here as well as build what you are envisioning. Check out my portfolio for more work.