The design of a website makes a difference. Appearance can draw users in or drive them away in an instant. One of the most critical features to take advantage of is contrast. How can you utilize this technique to achieve a great website design?

There are five ways you can take advantage of contrast, including:

  • Utilizing light and dark
  • Clashing colors
  • Taking advantage of size variety
  • Making shapes stand out
  • Differentiating the background and foreground

These will keep the user more engaged right away.

If you’re interested in learning more about utilizing contrast, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to understand each of these techniques and how you can make the most of them. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started right away.

boise embroideryUtilize Light and Dark

You can contrast light and dark for beneficial results. Most people think of black and white, but contrast can happen with color. Light and dark accents visuals and makes critical elements pop on the screen, drawing users into the site.

One of the best ways to utilize light and dark is by designing buttons to change color when a mouse drifts over them. This strategy will snap eyes to every critical aspect of your page and engage users, keeping them from clicking out right away.

Clash Colors for the Best Results

Color is one of the first forms of contrast people imagine. On a website, it’s easily noticeable. You can utilize clashing colors to draw your user to your site. It makes the information on the screen easier to see and feels comfortable to internet users.

For colors on your website, you can:

  • Contrast schemes with filters to highlight buttons or critical tabs
  • Utilize colorful image overlays to emphasize a section

Ensure the colors you utilize to match the image you want for your brand.

Attractive contrast in color design will help the user’s eyes flow naturally on the page and keep them intrigued. It’s also an excellent way to demonstrate the tone you want your brand to convey.

Take Advantage of Size Variety

Another form of contrast many don’t think of is size variety. Bigger items on a page stand out more than smaller ones. You can shrink certain elements and put them next to bigger ones to ensure the most critical pieces appear first.

A few examples of this include:

  • Making a vital title larger than the bulk of the text below
  • Blowing up a logo to imprint it in the viewer’s head
  • Shifting elements around on the page to make them seem bigger than they are

It’s critical to be strategic with the layout of your site, especially with size.

Size variety gets the point across right away. It lets the user know what you’re about in an instant.

Make Shapes Stand Out

Shapes can contrast as well. You can add variety to your elements and even work on the visual hierarchy that comes with this contrast. Different images can signify varying parts of the website, and the contrast keeps the user intrigued.

Even the simplest item can stand out if it has a shape associated with it. Try to use circles for links and squares for images. There’s a lot to have fun with here if you think shapes will benefit the structure of your website.

Differentiate the Background and Foreground

Perhaps this is another form of color contrast, but it’s critical to make the background and foreground stand out from each other. You can use shapes and colors to form a background that contrasts with the foreground.

Contrasting the background and foreground will help:

  • The critical information stand out
  • Keep users intrigued and scrolling
  • Provide an aesthetic to your site

It might seem small, but this contrast can make a difference when engaging users.

There are tons of elements to take advantage of for a website. You can try these contrast tips yourself or hire a professional to make the additions.


Contrast is one of the most valuable tools you can take advantage of as a website owner. Whether you’re selling products or telling clients what to expect from your company, contrast keeps users engaged and prevents them from clicking out right away.

We hope this information was helpful! An attractive website is critical for any business. Now that you know more about contrast, you can use it to your advantage. In no time, you will have intrigued viewers scrolling through your site.