Creating Effective Community Websites For Real Estate Professionals

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Creating Effective Community Websites For Real Estate Professionals

Whether you’re a home builder, land developer, or real estate agent, community websites make a significant impact when it comes to boosting your reputation and informing potential buyers of what you offer. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following information about creating effective community websites for real estate professionals.

The Benefits of Community Websites

There are a wide variety of benefits that come along with building comprehensive, community websites. These include:

Showcasing What You Offer

A community websites is a perfect advertisement for what you specifically offer. Take the time to provide as many details as possible about the location, city, amenities, and why people love living there. The more unique your content is, the more you will stand out as an expert in your field. This, in turn, provides you with a considerable edge over the competition in your area.

Boosting Your Reputation As A Professional

Aside from showcasing what you offer, a well-crafted community website provides useful market information. For potential buyers, a community website serves as a dependable insider’s look into a specific town and neighborhood, making the home shopping experience more pleasant.

A community website is also useful to those who already own homes in the area. When the time comes for them to sell, they can turn to your website for information concerning current home prices and other market conditions. The insights and highlights you provide will prove extremely useful and go a long way in boosting your reputation as a professional.

Ensuring Your Website & Communities Are Easy To Find

How people find out about you and your communities depends on how visible you are on the internet. Optimizing relevant, high-quality content with strategic keywords is extremely important in terms of boosting SEO and making your website and communities easier to find online.

Simply put, the more pages and community websites you provide, the more you improve your chances of achieving top results when people search for real estate information in your area.

Boosting Your Real Estate Knowledge

Building content-rich community websites provide you with the opportunity to revisit your existing bank of knowledge while learning new facts and ideas. After all, every community website you build will be better than the last, boosting your knowledge and reputation as a local real estate professional.

Essential Community Website Elements

Great Content

The best community websites are built around great content. Well written, your pages will make potential buyers feel as if they are walking the streets and seeing what you offer with their own eyes. However, you don’t want to overload these websites with tons of information. Great content strikes a balance between being informative and being concise.

Simply put, your community websites should include:

  • A local profile (mission statement, tagline, and paragraph-length description).
  • Up-to-date market information.
  • Architectural styles and amenities.
  • Different types of properties buyers can purchase.
  • Proximity to popular locations.
  • Local school information.
  • Places, events, and activities of special interest.

High-Quality Photos & Videos

In today’s world, the online landscape is made up of high-resolution visual content. Text isn’t the only element that makes a community website useful. In fact, compelling imagery is essential when it comes to catching the attention of your online audience and keeping them engaged throughout the content.

Search, Maps, & Forms

Great community websites should include specific tools and features that maximize a users experience with valuable information. These include:

  • Quick search fields.
  • Interactive maps.

Calls To Action & Contact Forms

Productive real estate relationships always begin with a simple message. When you build a community website, be sure to display your main contact numbers and email address prominently. Add a brief call to action note that encourages visitors to send their feedback and inquires soon after they’ve viewed all your content.

Thrive Web Designs

Want to learn more about using community websites as powerful marketing tools? Thrive Web Designs is the partner you can trust to build something great. We offer more than just web design; we can also help you put together a compelling strategy with high-quality content to take your business to a higher level.

Contact our expert web design and marketing specialists for a free consultation. We would be more than happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have. Fill out our online form or give us a call at (208) 391-2504.


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