Distinguishing “custom” when it comes to web design

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Distinguishing “custom” when it comes to web design

Nowadays, you the business owner have tons of options with how you want your website built, what you want it to look like, overall functionality and goals for the site, etc. With all of these choices presented in front of you, there’s always one thing that’s certain. It will always start with the conceptual design.

The term “custom” design by definition, means that when designing your website, the design is constructed from a blank canvas by a professional web/graphic designer. Over time, this term has been used loosely by other web designers who claim that you are indeed, getting a custom site, when in reality, are getting a template-based website.

What is a template based website?

A template-based site is one that is pre-built with a back-end database, content management system, and is built to handle template designs to install.

Are templates a bad way to go?

Not always. When you’re on a budget and don’t have the money to spend on a 100% custom developed site, template sites can provide some affordable options. The following platforms use a template system for customers:


….among many others

So how do I benefit from a custom website over a template?

If you are hiring a professional to carry out the task of building your new site, then a custom site will ultimately give both parties the most flexibility when it comes to customizing the looks, theme and functionalities needed.

Is there a middle-ground available?

Absolutely. We can also custom-design a website but then program a WordPress back-end, or even our privately branded CMS that can integrate within any new or existing site.

In the end, there is a lot of choices to be made when starting your website, and understanding what custom web design is and the different options available, is important.

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