Do Product Reviews Help SEO for E-commerce Websites?

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Do Product Reviews Help SEO for E-commerce Websites?

As a first-time online small business, there are many things that you will have to learn along the way because it is, in fact, a long-term process. One essential aspect that few realize is product reviews’ importance and knowing if they could help search engine optimization for your e-commerce website.

In general, yes, product reviews do help SEO for e-commerce websites. Companies encourage customers to leave product reviews to improve their SEO so that their companies can receive recognition from other potential customers. However, there are other various benefits from product reviews, as well.

Let’s continue reading to learn about the benefits of customers leaving product reviews and how you can encourage them to leave your product reviews to help with your SEO.

Do product reviews help SEO for E-commerce websites?

Product reviews are beneficial and help SEO for e-commerce websites. Various benefits come with the interactions between consumers and the product creator, which is you. Some of the other benefits of customers reviewing your products include:

  • Improvement in Product.
  • Reliable Feedback.
  • Give and Take Consumer and Company Relationship.
  • Improve Your SEO.
  • Informs Customers About the Product.
  • Company Credibility.

Let’s continue reading to learn more about the six benefits of customers giving you product reviews in exchange for better SEO.

Benefits of Product Reviews

Product reviews are essential for company credibility. However, more benefits come along with it, as well. Let’s continue reading to learn about the six benefits of product reviews.

Improvement in Product

Negative and positive reviews are helpful. Looking through the reviews, you will find a common denominator for what works and what needs improvement to improve the product. Improving your product will garner more customers and show them that you are open to constructive criticism.

Reliable Feedback

The concept of receiving product reviews is that honesty will hold no bounds. In getting product reviews, you ensure you receive reliable consumer feedback. This can help you and anyone searching for something like your product.

Give and Take Consumer and Company Relationship

There is a give and take between the consumer and the company or small business. In exchange for a product review, you will be given ways to improve the product for the next consumer. In exchange for a review, the consumer will receive an incentive if offered one by you for taking the time to give their honest opinion.

Improve Your SEO

A sure way to improve your SEO is product reviews. Within product reviews, some keywords could be found that are relevant for the person searching on the search engine and can lead to your e-commerce website. More product reviews also improve your ranking within the search engine, increasing the likelihood of potential customers.

Informs Customers About the Product

Reviews, both negative and positive, inform others about the product. Many people have been in positions where they are shopping around online. Before spending their hard-earned money, they want to ensure the product is of good enough quality, so reviews help them weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

Company Credibility

The last thing you want for your business is to be deemed a scam. Legit, transparent product reviews and improved SEO will show other people searching online that your products are not a scam and that the business is credible enough to give your product a try potentially.

To reap the benefits of getting numerous product reviews, you must convince customers to give product reviews. Let’s continue reading to learn how to get product reviews from already paying customers.

How to Get Product Reviews?

An essential aspect of running an online business on an e-commerce website is selling your products and getting reviews from paying consumers so that more people can take notice of your products. However, it should be noted that not everyone is interested in leaving reviews, so that’s where it’s up to you to convince those paying to write product reviews on your e-commerce website.

Let’s continue reading to learn about the six ways you can generate more product reviews for your e-commerce website.

Send Out Emails

Send out follow-up emails after the customer has purchased the product. You can send the email out that day or wait a couple of days after the product has been purchased and received by them. This reminds them that they have bought the item and is a way to nudge them into asking what their thoughts are on the product.

Offer Incentives

Incentives will get the attention of customers. Offer to enter them into a giveaway or sweepstakes, or if they leave a review, they can receive a gift card or a free, sampled gift from the various options you show them. Anything you feel can be incentivized and given, then offer it in exchange for a product review.

Branch Out to Social Media

Branch out to social media. Social media will garner more attention from potential and already existing customers. Post positive reviews on the platforms, leave a link to your website to purchase the products and be as interactive as possible with followers. Remain consistent on social media to keep your followers attention.

Make it Easy on the Consumers

Make leaving product reviews easy on the customers. Ensure that they can easily, and as less frustrating as possible, leave reviews on mobile phones and their laptops and computers. If they purchased multiple items, make it easy to leave multiple reviews. The less complicated the process, the more they are willing to leave reviews.

Respond to Both Negative and Positive Reviews

Do not just rely on positive reviews. Respond to those leaving negative reviews, as well, because those are helpful, believe it or not. In this case, the saying, “The customer is always right,” is justified, so leaving them hanging does not change anything and deserves to be recognized. Responding to negative and positive reviews will help you to improve your business.

Make Yourself Easily Accessible

Make yourself easily accessible to your customers. Customers are often frustrated that they are limited to what platforms they can use to contact the company if they have a question or problem with a product. Become available across social media platforms to ensure good customer service, and they will be more encouraged to leave reviews about the products.


You can convince customers to give product reviews by learning how product reviews help SEO and improve your ranking on search engines. You also know about the six benefits of product reviews and six ways to generate more product reviews for your e-commerce website.



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