Easy Website Form

By Thrive Web Designs

Secure Your Leads with Guaranteed, Hassle-Free Delivery

At Thrive Web Designs, we understand the frustration of missing out on potential leads due to faulty contact forms. Changes in email provider security and routing can disrupt your main digital asset – your website’s contact form. That’s why we’ve developed a reliable solution to ensure you never experience this setback. With Easy Website Form, every entry is captured in an easy-to-use dashboard with 100% guaranteed delivery, ensuring you never miss a lead again.

Lead Capture

With Easy Website Form, missed leads due to technical failures are a thing of the past. Our system is built to capture every inquiry and store it securely, ensuring you never miss out on potential business. Even if you experience issues with your website, you can access your customer’s forms in our easy-to-use dashboard.


From static websites to WordPress, Easy Website Form works on any website, allowing you to create a form and add it to your website. This easy, straightforward process doesn’t require technical skills and can be managed with just a few clicks. Simply create your form by selecting the fields you need, drag them into place, save, and publish the form code on your website. It’s just that simple.


Easy Website Form comes with a comprehensive dashboard that keeps all your forms in one place. This not only ensures delivery of all submissions but keeps things manageable, especially if you’re managing multiple websites at once. This allows you to monitor all submissions and respond promptly, thereby improving response times and customer satisfaction.


By integrating Easy Website Form, you’re optimizing your website to better serve you and your customers. Our user-friendly platform is designed to streamline lead management and improve user interactions, ensuring a smoother experience for you and your visitors. This allows you to focus on developing customer relationships and growing your business instead of troubleshooting issues.

Ready to Get Started?

Easy Website Form can help you enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge. With Thrive Web Designs, you can trust us to provide you with innovative solutions that drive results and help convert more visitors into customers. Explore our pricing plans to get access to our full suite of features, with plans starting as low as $10 per month.