What is Good SEO?

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What is Good SEO?

After watching a great explanation online of website content quality and the way it can affect SEO on your website, it inspired me to elaborate on this in the form of a blog post.

Often times, if not weekly, we get the statement from potential clients “I need my website on the 1st page of Google.” This is normally spoken from brand new business owners, or those that have a current website but are seeing little to no measurable results or ROI (return of investment) from their current provider.

Good SEO is not a 1-Time Deal

Although it can be done in various niches, good SEO goes beyond the basic keyword strategy, internal linking and creating good content for each page of your site. Many believe that setting the foundation of your site with these elements will rank you above every competitor, however they are just the basic SEO stepping-stones of your site. The GOOD news for you, that even today in 2014, many websites, and lots of them your competitors are lacking these basic foundation SEO elements, which can in return give you an advantage.

Good SEO takes Time

SEO is an art of ranking your site on search engines, and getting it to place high in search results. This practice does not happen overnight, within a few days, or even a week. Good SEO takes weeks to months to start seeing gradual improvements and even more common, measurable gains.

Good SEO requires Maintenance

Lots and lots of people believe that putting up a great site with great content and proper keyword placement will keep them up top above the rest. The truth is, in order to keep your positioning; this takes lots of maintenance and ongoing attention, especially in markets where your competitors are constantly climbing the ladder as well.

You could be doing everything in the book correctly, but if your competitor is also doing so, this is where more horsepower is necessary.  Creating a blog and posting 1-2 times a week to help your site grow its page count is a great way to keep relevant in the very competitive marketplace.

Good SEO is about Sharing your Content

A great blog post must be accompanied by people knowing about it. Share it on all o your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

In conclusion, Good SEO is about a collaboration of repeated practices that will take time, but in the end pay off in a great way for your business.

Until Next Time,

Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise Web Design Team


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