Google has once again updated their search engine algorithm as they often do. This update, known as “Pigeon” really focuses in on local search and the relevancy of Google Maps.

Out of this update, you will notice a pretty big change to local search terms displaying on Google Maps, specifically with industries and businesses that are very much associated with review sites. Some of these business might include restaurants, hotels, local shops, etc.

This update is supposed to help shrink the gap between Google map listings and organic listings, or those found below the map listings on a search page.

Being that this update is primarily affecting the Google local search market, this would be a great time for you to check your Google local listing/Google + page to make sure that you’ve included proper keywords that help attract local customers, as long as making sure that all of your information is relevant and up to date.  As Google continues to periodically tweak it’s algorithm, it’s important to follow along with their lead to make sure that all of your marketing efforts are being pointed in the right direction.
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Josh Olswanger
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