What is a great website? The short answer would be something like this: Simple, Navigates Well, Excellent Design, and Optimized for Search Engines.

Lets now break down each one of these important elements and elaborate on them.

Simple: A website can still be complex, and usually is, though it should appear simple to the user to avoid confusion when trying to locate pages, read text, find a picture, etc.

Navigates Well: This is definitely a necessity for any good website. Does every page link to the others on your site? Is the navigation easily reachable and visible?

Excellent Design: This goes without saying. I would assume that if you saw a brand new car that you were considering to buy, and the car ran like a champ but looked like a pile of garbage, odds are you wouldn’t end up with it. The same thing
applies for websites. Good design will attract more visitors, and in result will up the chances of you getting more business because your site looks professionally built.

Optimization: This goes without saying…but we’re still saying it. 🙂 Want a website? Want people to find you? Duh. Well, that isn’t always the case. In fact,  many pre-made layouts and some designers will create a site that focuses 0% on Search Engine Optimization. ( Thrive Web Designs SEO). When websites aren’t built or optimized with certain key features, search engines will have the hardest time finding your site due to inadequate content, lack of links, keywords, etc.

In conclusion, when you are on the market for a website, do your research and be sure to include all of these factors into your decision!


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