It’s something that we all want the top search results on Google. How do we get there? Well, websites that find themselves listed at the top of the list tend to publish fresh, timely, and relevant content. While producing content may seem like an easy thing to manage on your own, it’s often a time-consuming task that gets pushed aside when you get caught up with other important aspects of running your business. Even more, online SEO competition is tough.

That’s where professional content curation comes in. With the right tools and strategies, you can deliver perfectly tailored content to your online audience that major search engines like Google love. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following benefits of professional content curation and how it can improve your website and SEO.

What Is Content Curation?

When you think of a content curator, you probably imagine a person who works at a museum. Their job is to collect certain items and arrange them in a purposeful way before putting them on display for people to study and look at.

In essence, online content curation shares these exact same responsibilities. In fact, an online content curator will collect important information relevant to your website/industry, and arrange it in a meaningful way before publishing it on your website for people to view.

The Benefits Of Content Curation

Discover Great Information

One of the most important roles of a content curator is to find a tremendous amount of great ideas and information to publish on your website. This research alone can provide you with hundreds of topics, video ideas, and images to use for any particular focus or project. Not to mention it can save you an enormous amount of time when it comes to using this information for future projects.

Boost Your Social Media

Social media allows you to put your business out there for everyone to see. Every time you publish something on your website, you create an opportunity to share it with your online audience using Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even more, if the content you create goes viral, you will boost your online search engine rankings due to a rush in social media signals pointing to your website. This, in turn, will boost your brand’s awareness by gaining the attention of your intended audience while saving you money on expensive advertising methods.

Optimize For Important Keywords & Phrases

When you start producing content based on a particular industry topic, you will start to rank for important keywords people use to find businesses like yours. Valuable long-tail keyword phrases can also help draw traffic for a narrower range of searchers. Professionally curated content will be carefully crafted using these important keywords and phrases to optimize your website and boost your search engine rankings.

Reach Farther, Faster

Producing fresh, timely content will not only boost your SEO but help you to connect with your intended audience on a personal level. This, in turn, will provide you with an opportunity to share regularly updated content on your social media platforms. By publishing professionally curated content at least once a week for a year, you will have created 52 new high-quality pages that search engines and consumers can find. Not only will this help you reach farther and faster, it will significantly boost your SEO ranking over time.

Professional Web Designs & Curated Content

Reaching the top search results in Google has become increasingly more difficult as more and more websites compete for these positions. Not to mention, Google is always changing it’s search algorithms. That’s why you’ll need every advantage you can get. At Thrive Web Designs, we can provide you with a professionally designed website with curated (static & ongoing) content to give you that advantage.

Our content curation services include:

  • On-page content strategy and planning – All geared around the SEO goals for your business, proper keyword analysis, etc.
  • Custom, unique content for your static web pages – Whether you need us to clean up your existing content, or draft each page, we do it all.
  • One of a kind sales copy tailored to your target customer – We understand not all content is created equal. We can customize our approach to help with your online messaging.
  • Search engine optimized blog content – We offer some great and affordable ongoing blogging packages to keep your website full of useful, relevant, and SEO-effective content week after week.
  • Content for print marketing and other “offline” goals. We can help craft effective copy for your print materials, powerpoint presentations, and any medium in-between.

Are you interested in professional content curation to boost your website? Contact us at (208) 391-2504 today. Our team of highly skilled writers and web design professionals will work with you to create thoughtful, information-rich content that will set you apart from your competition while boosting SEO, and creating social media opportunities.