How Images Drive A Great Website Design

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How Images Drive A Great Website Design

If you are a first-time website creator, gaining an audience, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, is essential in running a successful website and garnering the attention you want. Often, people look for the aesthetics of a website but fail to include the vital aspect that adding images does for a person’s website.

Images drive a great website design due to the interactivity and, metaphorically, brightness it brings to your website. Adding images avoids a bleakness in trying to drive the point you want to present. There are, however, more benefits that come in conclusive with adding images to your website.

Throughout this article, we will learn about the benefits of including images for your website.

How Images Drive A Great Website Design

Images drive a great website design because of their interactivity and creating a personality within the website versus without images. Your website would look bland and bleak, which is not appealing to the eyes of those you are trying to attract to your website. However, other benefits for how including images is beneficial for your website has:

  • Catches social media attention.
  • Allows you to have a thumbnail.
  • Allows an emotional connection to your message.
  • Better chance for a higher search engine ranking.
  • Ability to showcase your products.
  • Allows you to incorporate humor into your website.
  • People remember your website more/stand out from the competition.
  • Elaborate and supports a message you are trying to convey to your audience.

Images are beneficial in incorporating into your website because it brings it to life. However, there are other benefits of adding images to your website. Let’s continue reading to learn more about the eight benefits of including images for your website.

8 Benefits of Including Images for Your Website

While the creation of your website is the first step, adding images to it includes a plethora of benefits that come with it. Let’s continue to read more about the eight benefits of having images for your website.

Social Media Attention

Nowadays, social media drives the most traction to a person’s business and website. Including images instantly garners the social media users’ attention and will increase interactions amongst those interested in your website and increase the likelihood of shares and additional traffic. Having just words on your website prevents readers from even obtaining interest.

Website Thumbnails

You can provide thumbnails for your website, i.e., the home page, slideshows, the about page, etc. This prevents your website from looking bleak and allows life to website pages that are often mundane and not as ordinarily interesting.

Emotional Connection to Your Message

You can develop an emotional connection with your audience while successfully displaying a message you want to convey. Typically, words do not accurately describe what you want to put out, so images can provide heavy work for visual audience members who need to understand.

Higher Search Engine Ranking

Including images and captions for the images increases the chances of a higher search engine ranking. Specific keywords increase the likelihood of a website and image search, which gains traction for your website as long as there is meaning to your image and it isn’t just some random stock photo that you found or paid for sans the caption.

Showcase Your Products

Images allow you to showcase your products if you want to sell anything on your website. Audience members are often visual, so seeing a product firsthand provides them with a teaser experience of what the consumer will utilize.

Incorporate Humor Into Your Website

You can incorporate humor into your website. Including humorous images increases interaction between your website and the audience and give them time to laugh. Typically, adding humor into a subject matter or product, you are trying to sell further interests them than giving them a chance to process your website and think about it because it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Stand Out From the Competition

Your website stands out from the competition because of how easily people will be able to remember it. Images help your website stand out better. You will be seen as innovative and creative to have further interest in, swaying the audience from other websites gaining traction to yours.

Elaborate and Supports Your Conveyed Message

Your images support and elaborate on a point that you are trying to convey. Websites want to display a message, and credible, professional-looking images elaborate the point you are trying to spread and make to your audience. Images can also dissuade audience members from your writing if it is not up to par.


Now that you know how images drive a great website design, you can be encouraged to do the same for your website to gain audience traction. You also learned about eight other benefits of including images for your website.


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