ice cream classesThe Ice Cream School is a unique business which teaches business and franchise owners how to build and scale a successful ice cream shop business. Led by Chad Hartley, owner of Stella’s Ice Cream with multiple locations in Idaho, this course includes an in-person, multi-day school which goes over everything you need to know about starting a successful franchise. Chad and his team teaches everything from: Making the best ice cream, ingredients, the do’s and don’ts, ordering equipment and supplies, finding and managing a team, marketing your business and more. For anyone looking into signing up for ice cream classes, contact Ice Cream School for more information!

Chad teaches in person classes, but due to COVID-19, this started to shift his business model, which actually helped in the terms of reaching new attendees. Ice Cream School is now offering online classes that are conducted a few times a year, based on availability. Aside from classes. they also offer one on one consulting for business owners looking to launch their new ice cream shop but need some coaching and guidance along the way.

The new website we developed for Ice Cream School is a simple, but yet informative website which explains each class, their availability, among a description of courseware. The viewer can purchase a class spot online via Square.