I was meeting with a client a few days ago, and he reminded me of how significant Google local places & Google reviews are for his businesses ranking in organic searches on Google.

For those who are not aware, Google local places is the section of Google where you can manage your business’s map listing, manage and read customer reviews.

Google rolled “local places” into “Google +” a few years ago, which made things easier to manage from the user’s point of view.

When launching a new site, it can be very effective to setup a local places account with Google and start driving customers to your channel to leave reviews, etc.

What we’ve noticed was the organic rankings of many client’s sites were affected (in a positive way) by Google + and local places when they utilized these accounts.

The ultimate goal is to get your site to rank on page 1 of Google, and if by a combination of being on the map view and organic listings below, you’ll be in great shape. Be sure to take advantage of these free tools when having your website developed and deploying your online marketing strategy!

Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise Web Design Co.