How many times have you been looking for a good place to eat dinner that you’ve never tried, and the first thing you do is hop online and check out reviews of local restaurants?
All of us rely on customer reviews to help us form an idea of how good the business is, how good of food or service the restaurant offers, etc.

Custom reviews continue to play a vital part in any business’s success. In one sense, you can think of customer reviews as indirect referrals that people will see and then form an opinion of your business from. Others will still give that business a shot even if some reviews don’t favor being positive.

If you’re a business owner and are looking for ways to build trust online with your potential customers, displaying your reviews can be extremely effective.

How does one collect reviews?

First and foremost, every business, regardless of who you are or what you do, should have a Google Map Listing. It’s free to setup and allows you to display your company’s contact information including a clickable map, description, and reviews.

Google reviews are really powerful as they show up first on your Google Map listing in the form of a 5-star rating system. This allows the end user to look through all businesses in your industry and not only see the 5-star ratings of each, but read in-depth reviews.

The easiest way to collect reviews on Google is to point your customers there. If you are a restaurant, maybe you offer a 15% off coupon off your next visit when they leave a review from a link you provide them, or maybe you just flat out ask your customers to leave a review directly. Whichever it is, nowadays reviews still get overlooked even though they are extremely effective for gaining the approval of new customers and clients.

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Josh Olswanger
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