Mailchimp is an essential tool for people in marketing or business. The tools given to you by Mailchimp allow you to grow your business and get information about how your campaigns are working or failing. So how do you set up a Mailchimp account to help you with your mailing list and website integration?

Mailchimp is a straightforward program that does several different things for you. However, it doesn’t help you keep up with the trends of your campaigns. Only by spending more of your time studying the deluge of output the program provides does that happen. So read on and learn everything you need to know about Mailchimp and its programs!

Mailchimp is Easy to Set Up and Operate

One of the first things that people notice about Mailchimp is that it will work with almost any browser. This is important because there are no significant bits of software to download onto your computer that could be filled with programs designed to steal your information and transmit it offsite.

If you get lost or don’t know what step to take next, Mailchimp has an excellent tutorial section that will guide you through any problem that you might encounter. The pages are easy to follow, and if that doesn’t fix your issue, they have an excellent contact center that will give you all the information you need to get back to your campaigns.

Account Set-Up is the First Step in the Process

It should be no surprise that to work with Mailchimp; they will need to have you create an account. They will need your general information and a few other questions answered before you can get into your mailing list.

The steps in setting up your Mailchimp account are:

  • General Info – At first, you will need to enter all the things about you that make you unique. Your name and email are the most important as the other things get fleshed out as you move through the setup. Once complete, you will get an email from Mailchimp.
  • Authenticate – The email sent will be the standard authentication email that goes out every time an account is created. This makes sure that no bots are running the campaign and that a physical person is in control.
  • Mailchimp Page – The email will spawn a link to your Mailchimp page. This link is important because it sends you to the critical information page, address, and payment info, which will be your campaign’s backbone.

Getting started on the site is a snap, and once you have all your information in the system, you can get to the vital work of making your mailing list. The list is essential to you and your clients as they will get important updates or inside peeks at new products or services.

The Mailing List is Important for You and Clients

The mailing list created by Mailchimp is the secret behind their success. How they do, it is a simple trick that combines old-school marketing with new-age delivery that keeps companies in the loop about products and clients up to date about services.

The way that Mailchimp creates your mailing list is:

  • Contacts – The most prominent way they make the list is by gaining access to your contacts. Your computer’s phone is full of people’s numbers and addresses that will be prime rib for Mailchimp. They will gobble the info up and place them in a sizeable editable listing.
  • Set Your Options – Like people, each campaign will be different. The options available to you from here are what make your mailing list the lifeblood of the process. Choose the best options for your company and keep the lists light and concise.

Once the contacts are imported, and your options are set, the mailing list is ready. Take your time with both the list and the options. Overflowing some mailboxes with your promos could alienate clients who aren’t interested in this product. Choose the cream of the crop before moving on to second chances.

Website Integration is a Breeze with Mailchimp

Connecting chimp to your website might sound like a nightmare scenario, but it is as simple a process as the mailing list. Take your time and ensure you have the correct passwords for your page, and everything should run smoothly.

The way to integrate Mailchimp to your webpage is:

  • Choose the App – There will be a populated list of the apps compatible with Mailchimp. Choose the type of software you are planning to use from the list and follow the instructions to the next page.
  • Give Info – By integrating, you give your info to the main app, and Mailchimp acts as a go-between. They will take the information from your site, just like the mailing list, and begin to populate lists for campaigns and events.

Mailchimp is user-friendly. There aren’t many other mass mailing options for marketing, and chimp is the one that people always come back to. However, be careful when using as some emails could begin to trigger spam filters if not checked often.


Mailchimp is excellent for creating a mailing list of your contacts. These lists are prime real estate for companies looking to inform their clients about new products or services. Lists are generated once permission to share contacts is given.

Website integration with Mailchimp is similar to creating a mailing list. The big difference is this time, you choose to allow another type of software to be accessed by Mailchimp. Again the integration populates once the permission is given and the marketer is off to the races.