Do you currently have a Facebook page for your business? If so, have you properly set up so that you’re utilizing all of the features?

Below is a brief list of details that we recommend you pay attention to when setting up your Facebook business page.

  1. Profile & Cover Photos

    Your profile photo on your business page is the little thumbnail in the top left corner. Most businesses usually put their company logo here to establish their brand. The cover photo is the large photo at the upper banner of the page. Facebook also has recommended dimensions for each image to ensure the highest quality possible.

  2. Company Description, Website Link, Phone Number & Email

    You would imagine how common these simple items are to include, but there are many businesses who will leave out this important information above. Being that the majority of the world uses Facebook, it’s no question as to how much exposure your business could potentially gain from your page. Therefore, be sure to include important items like a thorough business description, a link to your website, email link, phone number, and address that customers can find you at.

  3. Invite Your Friends

    Ideally, when you’re setting up your Facebook page, you’ll want to link it to your personal page and account. This makes it easy to toggle back and forth between profiles when you have important information to share.

    While doing so, you can invite all of your friends to your Facebook page by clicking on the “Build Audience” link at the top of the page, then choose “Invite Friends” and click each one to invite.

    This is the best way to get some “Likes” to your page quickly.

  4. Use Your Page to Post Updates Daily, Weekly, etc.

    Depending on your business, you may not have enough news to post daily, weekly or even monthly, but for those that will be using the page, don’t be afraid to share company updates, maybe some discounts or current offers, etc. The more buzz you can create on your page will more than likely increase the chances of you selling your product/service.

  5. Facebook Ads

    For those that are willing to invest some money into Facebook Advertising, they offer sponsored ads that target certain demographics which can really help boost your exposure. We always recommend waiting until your page has plenty of posts and steam before exploring this option.
    In summary, don’t forget about your Facebook audience if your business can benefit from such exposure. It’s easy to use and just like all other marketing efforts, stay consistent and good things will come!