MalCare alerts you to any hacker activity on your WordPress site. It provides highly sophisticated protection from any kind of malware invading your computer.

MalCare is an effective tool for removing malware software. It will never affect the speed or performance of your computer by tracking any changes to your WordPress site. It also offers top-notch backup protection in the event of a cyber-attack.

With MalCare, you can even make a copy of your website before making any changes to the live site. If you would like to scan an in-depth review of this malware software, check out this article.

What is Malware?

Malware is dangerous or malicious software that can damage your computer. Different types of malware exist:

  • Adware is responsible for pop-up ads on your computer. It tricks you into installing what you believe is legitimate software on your computer.
  • Spyware gets its name because it watches your activity on the computer and gives the information to the software’s author
  • Viruses attach to other programs and replicate them by altering computer programs and contaminating them
  • Worms, like viruses, can self-replicate. However, unlike viruses, they do not need your assistance in corrupting the system.
  • Trojans are the more dangerous types of malware that exists. It disguises itself as something it believes you would want, and then it steals your personal information.
  • Ransomware locks you out of your computer, encrypts your files, and holds your access to the computer for ransom, as it makes you pay through cryptocurrency. It typically targets big businesses and corporations.

Ransomware does not usually target individuals. The above are the most common types of malware.

What Malcare™ Can Do for You

Considering that all the above can damage your computer, you want to be protected. Malcare is malware removal software that keeps your computer secure. It is one of many types of anti-malware that protects your computer system and keeps the hacker from stealing personal information. Malcare will not leave your system vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Malcare provides you with a quality security package. This software program consists of but is not limited to:

  • Malware detection
  • Firewall
  • Site hardening

Malcare helps explicitly you protect your WordPress™ site. Different components make up the Malcare software to help you address the needs of your computer:

MalCare Scanner

Malcare employs deep scan technology. It amasses pertinent information concerning potential malware on your computer. It also tracks any unwelcome changes to your website and backs up your website.

It also enacts instantaneous malware detection, and it even comes up with little or no false positives. Malcare scans your website every 24 hours, which is comprehensive and detailed in its detection capabilities.

You can scan your site any time you want. If any malware is detected, you will receive:

  • Notification
  • Email
  • Hacked Site Alert

MalCare Scanner detects malware before it is too late. It can even find new and complex types of malware. Any changes that are made are recorded. While Malcare regularly scans WordPress folders, it can also check non -WordPress folders.

MalCare Cleaner

Malcare has a one-click cleaning option. After scanning for infected files, it also has an option for Auto Clean. MalCare only cleans infected files. It does not affect other information that you have saved on your computer.

It also does not affect the speed or functioning of the rest of the site. The cleaner offers unlimited automative cleanups and protection. The cleaner is straightforward and user-friendly. The software takes its preventative measures seriously when it comes to damage control.

MalCare Firewall

MalCare provides a robust cloud-based firewall, offering constant website protection and guards your website against spam attacks. The integrated firewall scans and filters incoming web traffic. It gives you:

  • Strong login security
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • Intelligent learning system
  • Geoblocking capabilities
  • Protection against malicious bots and bad IPs
  • Good bots and visitors

MalCare has the best WordPress protection against threats. It also offers a malware scanner and cleaner in the same plugin.

Site Hardening

A popular method for hackers is to access security keys by infiltrating live site files. MalCare helps you create the strongest and most effective security keys, which are then stored safely in a particular file. Site hardening also protects your folders and restricts the installation of plugins.

Website Management

MalCare consolidates all the websites on one screen by using a single interface for all sites. It allows you to:

  • Change user roles
  • Switch up passwords
  • Delete users

MalCare allows you to make updates and remove themes. It also helps you track newly added plugins. IF the site is secure, MalCare will back it up. Plugins that are not secure become infected if they are not updated.

Sophisticated Backup System

MalCare will back up the entire WordPress site. IF the worst occurs, you may end up losing files. The MalCare backup system will help you restore your site and your files. The backup is done in real-time. You can even migrate your backup files from one location to another.


You can create a copy of your website before making changes to test them before putting it on a live site. It is a tactic often utilized by web developers. They take a copy of the website and test it when they make an update. The feature makes sure that there are no bugs and deletes the old website version.


MalCare is one of the most reliable anti-malware software available. Hackers do not stand a chance with all these features securely in place.