Meet Katie Olsen, our Content Curator and Newest Addition to Thrive!

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Meet Katie Olsen, our Content Curator and Newest Addition to Thrive!

Katie OlsenWe’re excited to welcome Katie Olsen to our team! Katie brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the table, and is already doing an amazing job with our Clients. Katie manages and helps with all aspects of content including: Copyrighting, Content Creation for new and existing websites, Online Marketing (Social Media, Blogging, SEO), and much more. Join us in welcoming her to our team!

Who is Katie?

I am a native Idahoan with a passion for creativity! Recently married, I am also a mother/step mother to five amazing and beautiful kids. While I tend to enjoy the simple things in life like iced mochas, and cinnamon bears, I also like to travel. Making friends in new places is what lifes all about!

Where are you originally from? What brought you to Idaho?

Born, and raised in Shoshone, Idaho, I grew up as a cave girl at Idaho’s Mammoth Cave. My father Richard Olsen (a one-of-a-kind dreamer with an intense love for nature, history, and the outdoors), homesteaded the cave in 1954 under the Small Tract Act before building the Shoshone Bird Museum of Natural History. I grew up the old-fashioned way – without electricity or running water – which taught me to appreciate my heritage and made me into the strong, determined woman, I am today.


What piqued your interest in journalism, copywriting, etc?

I’ve always loved to write. My father instilled in me the importance of doing what you love and making it into a career. Unlike other kids who had television and video games, I spent the majority of my youth reading and writing. When I got my first article published in Northwest Travel Magazine, I knew it was time to jump start my career. After that, I dived head first into the publishing world. Since then, I have worked directly within the media/marketing spectrum throughout the majority of my professional career.


What do you enjoy most about working with clients?

What I love most about working with my clients is getting to know them personally and professionally, while helping them achieve what they are striving for. Every person, and every business is unique when it comes to the value they provide others. My satisfaction stems from working directly with people while helping their businesses grow. When we all work together, we all contribute ideas and we all benefit from seeing those ideas brought together.


What can Thrive clients expect from you when working with them?

Clients at Thrive can expect the customized content that works for them, their company and their goals. Since no two businesses are the same, I will work closely with you to develop fresh, relevant, and timely content. Best of all, you can always reach out to me if you have any questions or want to get the ball rolling on a new project!


What is one unique fact about you that clients may find interesting?

I’m a complete horror nut. I love scary movies, scary books, and haunted houses!


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