Back when mobile apps were coming out, everyone was so quick to jump on the wagon and get an app developed. Although the market for mobile apps is still extremely big, today’s standards tends to leave business owners asking, do I need an app or a mobile site? And what’s the difference?

In essence, both can provide great value to your business. For mobile apps, these can provide a service to your customers and all of the information can be fed out of the app into another data source like your website, database, etc.

Obviously for any games, apps are more widely used especially with the rise of the Apple Store and thousands of developers creating great apps each year.

Mobile sites can be a great option when the Client express their needs for mobile interaction. Lots can be done to emulate an “app experience” through a mobile site.

Even better, most sites developed today via “responsive design” will automatically render a mobile version of your site that can sometimes provide the same functionality you’d need in a dedicated mobile site or mobile app.

With all of that said, the mobile world for marketing is exploding at the seams year after year, and with many avenues to reach out to your customers, you have plenty of options in front of you.

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