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    Thrive Web Designs is an award-winning website design & development agency with a strong brand and impeccable reputation built on trust and integrity since 2010. We are excited to work with you and your company to build your new website. We thank you for this opportunity, and we’re excited about the results we’re going to achieve together!

    An easy-to-use checklist is provided below to help you quickly compile and deliver the needed items for our web designers to begin their work on your project. If you’d prefer to provide answers over the phone, please contact Thrive Web Designs at (208)759-1331 and a courteous team member will gladly assist.


    Thrive Web Designs uses an iterative process for our design services. With each mockup version delivered, you will have the opportunity to compile and submit desired revisions for the next variant. Corrections will be made, and the revised mockup submitted for review. This process continues until final design approval is received from the client or design hours are exhausted  (please refer to your proposal for total design hours).

    NOTE: Thrive Web Designs will make every effort to ensure your website design exceeds expectations. Poor or insufficient communication, prolonged periods of unresponsiveness, and excessive edit/revision requests that exceed the scope of the project contract will be brought to the attention of the client and discussed to see if a reasonable resolution can be reached, and to ensure both parties are in alignment on expectations going forward.


    Please provide the following at your earliest convenience. The design phase for your project will begin as soon as we have received all the requested items and information below.



    Website Design Inspiration

    Please provide  the web address/URL for up to (3) websites with designs or design elements that appeal to you. Annotating specific features from the sample sites that you like is an excellent way of providing our designers with a clearer picture of your design needs and wants. Your design will be unique and custom to your business, but this is the easiest, most-effective way for our web designers to understand what type of site design and what elements of design appeal to you. Please feel free to browse Thrive Web Design's or SEO Idaho™ Digital Marketing's portfolio of work for additional design inspiration.

    Websites for Design Inspiration (copy & paste web addresses/URLs below)




    Desired Website Layout (Website Menu - Tabs)

    Please list the web pages, separated by a comma, you’d like on your website (ex. Homepage, About Us, Services, Contact Us, etc.). Alternatively, desired web pages can be annotated in a bullet-list to further delineate primary menu items from submenu items.  If your website layout/menu has been previously discussed with your sales representative, please disregard.

    Example of Bullet-List Site Layout:

    • Home

    • About Us

    • Services

      • Service #1 (replace with primary services)

      • Service #2

      • Service #3

    • Gallery/Portfolio

    • Contact Us

     If you have any questions or require assitance, please call. We're happy to help.




    Website Images

    Images can be sent to us in a variety of ways. Clients can deliver images via email, we can provide a shareable folder to upload files to, or the client can provide us access to the appropriate client Drive or Dropbox folder and we'll download the desired images for formatting. If you do not have images readily available for use, our designers will select and format licensed images for use on the website.

    CAUTION: Please do not save or send images from Google. Images from Google can, and often do, have trademark or copyright restrictions (anyone who creates an image holds its copyright, including the exclusive rights to copy or reproduce it). This can result in legal action if images found via Google are used without permission. If you do not have images readily available for your website, please let us know and you can select a quantity of images from our stock image account or our designers will gladly select and format appropriate images for you.

    Stock Photography

    You may select up to 10 stock images from the various media libraries owned by Thrive Web Designs ( Shutterstock,, etc.). Please provide the web address or stock image ID for each image you’d like us to use. If you do not wish to select stock images, and you do not have images you will provide, our web designer will use current website imagery or select appropriate imagery and format as necessary (i.e., do not feel obligated to provide image selections if you’d prefer to leave it to our graphic artists).


    Upload all documents to the shared google drive that was sent to you by your project manager in the introduction email.




    If you have a current website, we will gladly take your existing content and use it for your new website design. If we are developing a new website and you already have content prepared, please email the content to us at your earliest convenience, or provide access to the the shared folder with the content (please use if providing access to a shared folder in Drive or Dropbox for website design work).

    In order for us to begin design, we need text content for your homepage. If our content writer is producing your content, our design process will start immediately after content is finalized. Delays in content delivery can negatively impact the agreed upon completion date for your website. Please be mindful of this.

    • If you are creating content for the website yourself, please be aware we cannot begin the design phase until we have received AT LEAST the homepage text content. If you do not have content for the website, Thrive Web Designs offers exceptional content writing services at very competitive rates – please speak with your project manager for more information about this service.

    Clients purchasing a new website are responsible for providing the text content that will populate the web pages. General recommendations follow:

    • Most pages require 300 – 500 words of quality content to have value. Pages with specific functions such as galleries and contact pages do not require significant written content, if any. Service pages should have as many words as are needed to detail who, what, when, where, and why about the service. The “why” component should include what separates and makes your business better than your competitors. It is recommended to provide at least 500 words of text for each service.

    • We prefer when business owners/employees write their own content because it adds a personal touch to the website, and the content is typically more specific to the company when compared to content written by professionals.




    Please add any additional pertinent infromation you want considered below, or send additonal information to and we'll reach out for further discussion as necessary.