If you can remember back 5 years ago, SEO was all about organic rankings, off-page and on-page SEO in the forms of keyword placement & research, backlinks and so on. Reviews were important, but not a huge focus.

Fast forward 5 years…..

All of those items I mentioned above are STILL important, BUT, the game has changed, like it always does.

Today, trust is such a major key point in all SEO efforts. Obtaining the trust of potential clients is vital in today’s online marketplace. If you’re looking to have your HVAC system serviced, 9 out of 10 times, customers will call who has the most positive 4+ reviews on Google.

Customers need to trust the company they are looking to hire, and because of this, nothing could be more effective in your SEO strategy today than collecting reviews from your existing and/or past customers.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

There is a fine line drawn between asking for reviews and sounding desperate. The idea behind asking your customers for reviews, is that you want to leave it as completely optional for them so that they don’t feel pressured.

We’ve heard of some businesses providing incentives to customers of theirs that create a review. Although this is an effective tactic, I truthfully believe in the good “old fashioned” method of just asking clients for their feedback based on your performance. If you’re sincere in your approach, you’ll find that you will get a good amount of clients willing to spread praise for the good work you’ve done.


Google Business Listings & Reviews

If you haven’t noticed by now, Google reviews are the main hub for people looking for the best business. Google reviews can be sorted by “top rated” or “closest to me.” By default, Google can geocache your location and will list the closest providers to whichever location you are in. They do this to provide viewers value and make it easier to find the closest help.

Businesses who have higher rating reviews will rank higher, along with ones who have a higher review count too. Reviews are just one piece of the pie, but a very important one that you cannot overlook.

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