Professional Web Design Tips For Home Builders

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Professional Web Design Tips For Home Builders

If you’re a home builder, your website should be one of your best marketing assets. In fact, the vast majority of people searching for architects, engineers, contractors, and design professionals are online. While you may have a website to showcase the products and services you offer, it takes a lot of savvy, to convey this information effectively. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following professional web design and content marketing tips for home builders.

SEO: The Main Architecture Of Your Website

If you go online to search for home builders in your area, does your business show up on the list of results? How close to the top of the list are you located? If you’re not on the first page, you’re missing out on one of the most critical elements of online marketing.

More than 90% of people search for a home builder in their area are using Google and other search engines to find out what options they have. Even more, these people rarely look past the first page of results. This is even truer if they are searching for a business like yours using a mobile device. If you’re not on the list of search results, potential clients don’t even know you exist!

That’s why SEO is a critical element of your marketing architecture. What you need is a website that’s optimized for SEO. Every element of your website needs to be designed and optimized for to reach higher search results. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional web design company to make sure the main architecture of your website is set up for SEO.

Localization & Improved Mobility

Another critical element of content marketing and SEO is linking your home building services to your location. This helps people in your area know where to find you and that your services are available to them. At Thrive Web Designs, we suggest making sure your website and business listings are claimed in the most effective directories for SEO including Google My Business and Google Maps so that potential clients can quickly and easily locate you.

Even more, it’s important to make sure you have a mobile friendly website. This is because more people are surfing the web from their phones and tablets. In fact, more people use their mobile devices rather than their desktop computers. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, potential clients will more than likely look somewhere else for the home building services they need. Additionally, you don’t want a slow website either. If people find themselves waiting for your website to load they will quickly move on in favor of another business with a faster website.

Social Media for Home Builders

Social media is closely intertwined with SEO because so many people use social media to find the products and services they are looking for. Social media is also a prime way in which people share what matters to them and what businesses they like with their family and friends.

That’s why it’s important to create social media pages for your business that link up with your website and engage with your current followers. Post blogs, videos, and pictures of your business and the services you offer. This provides your followers with up-to-date industry information while allowing them to share your content with their friends. Keep in mind that word of mouth carries a lot of weight when it comes to choosing a potential home builder.

Thrive Web Designs

Not anyone can build a house. And not anyone can provide you with professional web design services and a successful content marketing strategy. As a home builder, your focus is on your clients and building the homes they need. At Thrive Web Designs, our focus is on a professional web design and content marketing strategies that are designed around your business to set you apart from the competition.

If you would like more information about the professional web design and content marketing services we offer, contact us at (208) 391-2504 today.


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