Professional Web Design Tips To Boost Your Social Media Presence

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Professional Web Design Tips To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Working on building your business but need help in the social media department? While it may seem a little intimidating at first, social media is an easy way to share content, establish relationships, increase brand engagement, and get people to visit your website. It’s also a wonderful way to start conversations both locally and nationally. Even more, social media activity can help boost your SEO efforts.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s important to do some planning before you jump right in. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following tips to help you boost your social media presence.

Plan A Social Media Strategy

Before you do anything, it’s important to create a well thought out social media strategy. Most importantly, you need to consider your goals before you get started.

  • What are you looking to accomplish?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What does your audience want to see?

Once you come up with the answers to these questions, you then need to decide what social media channels would best meet these goals and what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re looking to attract millennials, you may want to market your business on Snapchat or Instagram. If you’re intended audience is a bit older, Facebook may be a better option.

Gear Content Towards Your Audience

Determining who your audience is will help you figure out how to develop your social media content. For example, if you are a pediatric dentist, you wouldn’t benefit from writing content about sports or politics when your audience mainly consists of local parents concerned about the oral health of their children. Once you figure out who your target audience is, you can start producing quality content posted on appropriate social media platforms.

Share Content Regularly

The best way to boost your social media presence is to share content regularly. If you find you don’t have the time to constantly update your status and share regular content, there are free tools out there that you can use like Hootsuite that allow you to create and schedule content to prevent you from having a “dry spell.” Not only do these tools allow you to save time by writing ahead, they also help you stay on top of your social media marketing strategy. Even more, if you have the marketing budget, you can “boost” certain posts to promote your content to a larger audience.

Maximize Your Social Media Posts

People are attracted to visual content. That’s why it’s important to maximize your social media posts, with an eye-catching image or video. In fact, adding visuals make your posts twice as effective than those without. You’ll also want to make sure to include links to keep your followers engaged while leading them back to your website.

Post Across Multiple Platforms

The best way to expand your marketing reach is to post across multiple social media platforms in a variety of ways. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different platforms use different features and not all of them may benefit your business. Take the time to pick two or three different platforms to reach your intended audience while keeping your content relevant to the channels you use.

Use Social Media Analytics

Using social media analytics can help you determine how many people you reached with your posts and what kind of content consumers are responding to. This will help you figure out what is and what isn’t working with your social media campaigns. Take advantage of tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitter Analytics to help analyze your social media presence.

Make Your Content Easy To Share

Another good way to boost your social media presence is to make your content easy to share. Take the time to craft catchy titles for your articles that express what your content is about to help draw people in. Your meta description is just as important. This provides your readers with additional information to motivate them to check out your content. Even more, if you want your content to be shared, it needs to be high-quality. High quality content will generate more shares compared to fair content.

Professional Web Design

With the tips mentioned above, you can boost your social media presence in no time. Need a helping hand? Let the professional web design team at Thrive help elevate your next social media campaign. We craft and create content that will not only engage your intended audience but lead consumers back to your website thus increasing your conversions. Want more information or ready to get started? Contact us at (208) 391-2504 today.


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