Professional web design is the key component of representing your business online.  But how do you get people to find it? For any website to actually work for a business, it needs exposure.

This is where blogging comes in. Since paid advertising can be expensive for small, start-up businesses, blogging, on the other hand, is an affordable way to gain exposure and generate the interest of your intended audience. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following benefits of having a blog for your website that’s regularly updated with fresh, timely content.

Increased Brand Awareness

A regularly updated blog provides your website with new content that Google uses to put your business in front of more people. This, in turn, boosts your search result rankings for important key terms people use to find businesses like yours. Not only that, but you can post blogs to your social media accounts that lead people back to your website. Through this type of self-promotion, you will boost brand awareness that ultimately turns into more sales.

Integrated Social Media

A strong online presence is what sells and keeps your business relevant in today’s world. Since social media is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to bring people back to your website, you’ll want to keep things consistent with helpful information that not only gains the attention of your intended audience but captures them in a way that they come back for more. A blog is a wonderful way to share useful information about the specific products or services you offer in order to build trust with your followers. When people trust your brand, they’ll convert into customers by providing them with the latest insights and happenings in your industry.

Communication & Networking Opportunities

The goal of having a professional website is to reach and connect with potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is to regularly publish quality blog content. By simply posting one blog per week for a year, you will have created 52 new pages of content on your website that can be used to connect with consumers on Google+ and social media to obtain more information about your company and the services you offer. When you do this, customers can ask questions and participate in open conversations with you and others. Blogging also provides a wonderful opportunity for you to network with other leaders in your industry to gain more recognition and wider audiences.

Generates Leads

As we mentioned before, blog posts that are widely circulated generate more exposure for your business website. This, in turn, generates interested leads. Lead generation is all about marketing to your intended audience that is more likely to become actual customers. Publishing regular blogs will allow you to reach farther, faster, without having to spend large amounts of money on expensive marketing campaigns.

Boosts Website SEO

Publishing regular, high-quality blog content provides reader value that is an important factor for increasing the SEO of your website. The more quality, optimized content you publish on your blog, the more attention you will get from important search engines like Google. This, in turn, increases the chance that your pages will rank higher in their search results.

Thrive Web Designs

If your primary goal is to help people find your website, a blog is a highly valuable web design component. When properly managed by posting regular, relevant content, the results you get will remarkably increase your marketing efforts. That’s why every business should include an informative blog on their website.

Need help getting started? Thrive Web Designs offers professional web design and content marketing services. Let us help you drive visitors and get the visibility you deserve. Contact us at (208) 391-2504 to get started on your next project.