In the world of web design, there are primarily 2 different directions clients can travel for their website needs when looking to hire out for help.
The 1st option is hiring a design company to develop a website based on a project rate. This includes the design company quoting a flat rate for the entire project based on specifications of the website the client needs. This method is by far the most common, as it helps both the design company and client outline contract specifics to be agreed upon under the project outline.

The  2nd option is signing up for a subscription website with a company. What is a subscription website? Subscriptions sites are those that offer a professional website at a monthly reoccurring fee rather than charging a flat rate for the entire project. With most, you’ll pay a setup or initiation fee to get the website up and running, and then an additional monthly fee to keep it running.

Most subscription plans offer no more than just a basic website that the client is responsible for maintaining when it comes to plugging in keywords for basic On-page SEO, or if they want to upgrade their template.

WP Subs is a new subscription-based company that does things a little differently with their clients. Although they offer the traditional monthly subscription-based websites, they include in-depth SEO management for their clients, as well as a new site every 3 years, built off of a WordPress template.

This route may attract some small business owners looking for an affordable and all-inclusive solution to their online marketing needs.
Visit WP Subs and learn about their WordPress subscription websites.

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