It’s no mystery by now that social media plays an important part in your online business promotions and marketing.

Although social media isn’t usually the source of good SEO when it comes to your website, social media is a great sidekick to include in addition to your website’s SEO. The object is to use each social media tool/site to help enhance your business’s website, drive more traffic to your site, etc.
These tools really help when you have a blog setup on your website that you are posting to weekly, or bi-weekly.

  1. FacebookFacebook pages for businesses are great. Many very small businesses that don’t have the budget for a professional website yet will rely heavily on Facebook and their FB business page for customers to find them, view their store hours, see samples of products, etc.

    When a new client hires Thrive for a professional website, we include the setup of a basic Facebook business page, as well as the integration within their website to the page. Integration includes a social media icon that links to the Facebook page, a “like” counter embedded into the site, and/or a facebook feed widget for those that want to display their Facebook updates directly on their website.

  2. TwitterTwitter is another powerful tool that is followed and used by millions. Although many will go onto their Twitter account to update their latest #CoolComment, most business owners don’t have time to do this. For this reason, we almost always recommend connecting their Facebook and Twitter account together, so that anytime they post on their Facebook wall, it automatically feeds to Twitter.
  3. Google PlusGoogle Plus, although not as popular as Facebook, is not a channel to be forgotten. If you look at the interface that Google Plus provides, it is very similar in nature to Google Plus, however Plus can be a huge benefit for getting Google to index your backlinks really quick. Meaning, if you add a new page to your website or blog and want Google to find it much quicker, post those links to your Google Plus business page, and this will help the indexing process by speeding things up. In order to have a Google Plus account, you’ll need to simply sign up for a Gmail account.
  4. LinkedinLinkedin is a great social media tool not only for networking with other business professionals, but for posting information about your company, links back to your website, etc. Linkedin also offer a business page listing where you can list your business, contact information, link to your site and more.
  5. PinterestPinterest is now offering business pages that are similar to their original Pinterest accounts, but act like Linkedin by offering company information and profile where you can link back to your website, description and more.

    Using Pinterest to pin items on your website including pages, pictures and more can help you spread the “social media net” and accompany a good SEO straregy for your business.

Bottom line, whichever social media channels that you think you and your business will need, Thrive can help set these up and integrate them into your website for you quick and easily.

Until Next Time,
Josh Olswanger
Thrive Web Designs – Your Boise Web Design Team