Company culture is an important part of any workplace environment. Successful businesses often go to great lengths to ensure their employees feel happy and comfortable. By caring about every single person on their team, this, in turn, reinforces the idea that a company cares about it customers. That’s why Thrive Web Designs would like to provide you with the following benefits of having a good company culture.

The Benefits of A Good Company Culture

Employee Retention

Companies who take the time to create a positive company culture help their employees to feel valued. This, in turn, motivates employees to be more committed to their work thus increasing retention rates and productivity levels. When a company has a poor company culture nearly half of all their employees keep an eye out for better opportunities somewhere else.

Brand Recognition

As mentioned above, good company culture reinforces the idea that a company cares about it employees and it’s customers. This, in turn, reflects your brand as a great place to work and do business with. The happier your employees are, the happier your customers are.

Employee Advocates

What’s better than getting a positive review by someone that works within your company? How you treat your employees will show itself externally in the form of happy customers. When employees feel cared for, they often become company advocates by sharing with others about how much they love their job.

Team Building

When employees feel valued, a company grows into a strong team of individuals. Having a team rather than specific employees keeps everyone on the same page and thinking about ways to ensure a company flourishes in a way that includes everyone.


By having a good company culture, the more likely people will want to work for you or do business with you. Whether it’s clients or employees, everyone will want to be a part of what you offer.

Thrive Web Designs

Below are some of the values we have at Thrive Web Designs and how we incorporate them into our company culture.

Be a Team of Experts

At Thrive, every person that makes up our team is an expert in a specific field. Through career empowerment, we want our team to have the freedom to expand their roles, knowledge, and skills in the areas of their personal interest. This, in turn, makes our entire team stronger. We also don’t micromanage. Each of our experts are given empowerment and responsibility to their contributions in order to perfect their participation in the work we provide for our clients. This means that we all love what we do and are challenged to continually make our company that much more awesome.

Work Hard, Play Hard

At Thrive, we work hard. We also value our employees who put so much time and effort into the websites we provide our clients. That’s why it’s important for us to stay connected by doing fun things together aside from work. Over the years we’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, children, new houses, and the personal accomplishments of our team. Whether its a team lunch, holiday get togethers, or a special team building activity; we celebrate the phenomenal power that makes up our diverse team.

Design & Build The Best Websites

At Thrive, we take great pride in the work we provide our clients. Our passion is showcased by building the best websites found on the internet. When you hire us, you can feel good knowing you will work with the same group of individuals throughout the entire process. We are personally invested in each and every website we design, build, and launch. It’s the happiness and success of our clients that make up our own.

Be a Social Company

There’s no doubt about it. We enjoy being a social company. In fact, we are pretty active on Facebook, posting on a daily or weekly basis. Whether it’s sharing fun things, industry trends, or business tips, we want to keep our family, friends, and clients current on the happenings of our company. This helps to reinforce our company culture and the professional services we provide.

Professional Web Design

In conclusion, having a strong company culture will not only boost your workplace but it will also better the relationships you have with your clients while giving your employees something to look forward to. At Thrive Web Designs, we love each and every one of our employees as much as our clients. We hope the information provided above shows you what goes into a well-managed company to set you up for long term success.

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