Communication with customers is critical, especially if you want to keep them on board with what you have to offer. One of the more modern additions to the communication system is texting. Is it a good idea to offer texting for your customers to contact you? Why is it important?

Texting for customers is critical because it offers:

  • Customer convenience
  • Lowered customer effort
  • Easier communication
  • Personal touches
  • Cost-effective communication

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of offering texting for customers, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the benefits that come with the addition and why it’s worth adding to your system. The more you know, the easier it will be to interact with clients.

More Customer Convenience

We live in a world where people spend hours and hours on their smartphones. They respond to emails, take selfies, and search for their next product. Why not make it easier for them and add communication to the item they already use every single day? All they need to do for interaction is use their fingers.

Texting is very easy. Customers can respond from:

  • Cafes
  • Places of work
  • Beaches


There is nothing more convenient than a text message. A customer doesn’t have to switch tech to respond to you and communicate with your business. There is less friction in the communication process, making it much easier to get critical information across.

Lowered Customer Effort

The effort is much lower with texting for the customer and the person on the other end. It requires much less time and attention than other communication methods, permitting them to save room for other items throughout their busy day. Brands don’t need as much time and attention to work.

A phone call is very personal, but not everyone has time for one. Texting has the personal touch without the hassle. When customers don’t have much time, they whip out their phones and type up a response.

Customers also aren’t limited to the hours you are open with text. There are automated messages and even people who can work different hours to ensure someone is always available to answer questions.

Easier Communication

Most companies send vital information through emails. While this method is effective, it’s common for items to get lost in cluttered inboxes. Texting is a way to send items to a phone instantaneously.

Here are a few items communicated through texting:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Purchase confirmations
  • Promotion codes


These can arrive on a device in an instant with text messaging. If you want to send items to customers without any packed inboxes, texting is a must. Communication will be much easier, and your customers will be informed of promotions and other things without having to search for them in a mess of information.

Adds Personal Touches

Texting is much more personal than other communication methods, second only to the classic phone call. It makes your work stand out and helps customers feel there is someone real on the other end.

Here are a few ways texting can be personal:

  • No misspellings like is mass emails or communication
  • Relevant and on time for proper information
  • Preference-based

These will make customers feel like you care about them. It’s critical to show your customers that you are considerate of their selections. Texting is simple, and there are ways to personalize it to show you are listening to what they love about your company.

Cost-Effective Communication

Not only is texting effective, but it also saves money.

You don’t need to purchase paper or hire a designer for texting. All you need to do is craft the words and ensure it gets out to the right people. There are no:


  • Stamps
  • Delivery men
  • Professionals to pay

Companies who want to capitalize on effective communication without spending money will love texting. It’s an excellent way to get the job done while keeping the company’s future in mind.

Final Thoughts

Texting is a critical communication tool to offer customers. It allows customer convenience, lower effort on their behalf, easier communication, personal touches, and cost-effective communication. Texting makes everything easier for the customers and those on the responding end of the line.

We hope this information was helpful! Although texting might seem informal, it’s one of the best communication additions for customers. It might take some time to get used to, but texting will change the landscape of your business environment, permitting your business to move forward into the future.