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Your brand is everything. Starting from what you sell, your reputation, your logo, colors, overall persona. It is all part of your brand and should be the 1st step to building any online presence.

Thrive is proud to offer professional logo design for clients looking for their first logo, or maybe a re-design.

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Integrated Brand Experience

For those clients who already bring a well-branded logo and identity to the table, our objective is to carry your brand throughout the entire website. This includes using similar fonts, colors and assuring that the logo and website are “part of the same family,” so to speak.

Often times with cheaper website designs, the logo will look detached from the rest of the site. But we understand the importance of selling your brand to prospects, and they need to be able to see the connection.

Why Great Branding Matters

Your logo is a large part of your visual brand online and offline. Your logo acts as your brand anchor that you use everywhere from your website, to brochures, business cards, building signage, vehicle wraps and more. if done right, not only will a great logo last for years without becoming outdated, but it will also help your potential customers remember your business if your logo has a unique look and feel.

A few suggestions for branding your business and logo include:

  • Choose colors that are appealing to the eye – Stay away from drab colors like chocolate brown or muted colors. The brighter and more vibrant the colors, the more apt your potential customers will be able to identify with your brand. For example, a local HVAC company in our town have bright pink vans, and everyone associates that color with a specific company due to color/brand recognition.

  • Design a simple but impactful logo – Use white space accordingly so that your logo is modern, fresh and clean, but also provides some level of design depth that can be pulled off using white space if done right. Our logos are all thoroughly thought through from beginning concepts to final delivered proofs for our clients.

  • Choose a logo that will look good at all sizes – One of the biggest mistakes that can be made with logo design is producing a logo that is so intricate, that when shrunken down on a business card, it doesn’t look great, or is hard to see. Try to keep this in mind when working with your designer, so that your logo succeeds at all sizes.

  • Work with a designer who provides all files – Sometimes clients will cut corners to save money by hiring a designer off of a logo website where designers worldwide compete for your business. Although helpful for low budgets, often times this can backfire when the designer doesn’t provide all proper files needed for web and print. By default, make sure you receive a copy of the following file formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, .AI and more.

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